Thu, 09 Jul, 2020

People jostle for groceries, social distancing thrown to the winds

25th March 2020, 02:42 Hrs

the goan I network


Madgavkars, who thronged the markets on Tuesday morning taking advantage of the five-hour relaxation, laid their hands on vegetables, fish and groceries that came within their reach.

Many, however, were oblivious to the coronavirus threat as they jostled for groceries, fish and vegetables without observing the safety precautions, including the need to observe social distancing as per the advisories.

Many a vendor wore no face masks, though many citizens used these. Be it at the Gandhi Market (for vegetables) or the PDA wholesale and retail fish markets, social distancing was given a go by the citizens and the vendors alike.

The minimum one-meter distance was violated with impunity as citizens jostled to lay their hands on the essentials without observing the safety precautions.

However, the fortunate amongst the lot managed to lay their hands on vegetables, groceries and fish, while others who did not anticipate the government’s sudden decision to go for a lockdown were caught unawares.

At the Gandhi Market no fresh vegetables came in from Belagavi on Tuesday, with the vendors selling the stock of the last two days.

“The government had informed that the three-day partial Janata Curfew will be in force till March 25. We are in trouble since we did not go for the purchase of essentials in the last two days, hoping the markets will be open on March 26,” remarked a citizen, as he hoped that the government will work out a mechanism to maintain the essential services.