Sat, 06 Jun, 2020

Perfecting the performing arts

13th February 2020, 03:28 Hrs


As part of its on-going exhibition Games of Chance, Sunaparanta - Goa Centre for the Arts is hosting a dance performance titled ‘The Homeless’ by actor and dancer Elisabeth Heilmann Blind on February 21 at 7 pm.   

The Homeless tells the story of alienation drawn from real-life experiences of women from the Inuit indigenous community in Greenland. Meqqu is a shaman from the Kalaallit (Land of the People) who has been assigned to bring back the lost soul of a young man. Through set design, movement of the body and light, the work takes us on a personal journey of failure and the potential to find strength and hope when all goes astray. Elisabeth has worked in theatre and cinema in Greenland, Denmark, Sweden & Norway. Since 2019, she has been touring The Homeless across the Scandinavian countries and the European Union.   

On February 22 at 10 am, Sunaparanta will be hosting a performance lecture ‘Who’s Telling the Stories’ by choreographer and dancer, Ada Einmo Jürgensen. This session looks at the past and present of various native communities. It also addresses issues of ownership of history, the strategies that artists use to collect research material and the importance of preserving narratives from less dominant groups. 

Ada is the co-founder and artistic director of Southsami Theatre in Norway. She specializes in site-specific performances and has shown her work in the US, Russia, Sweden, Finland and India.   

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