Sat, 06 Jun, 2020

Building awareness on road safety

13th February 2020, 03:27 Hrs

Junior Chamber International Mapusa recently observed Road Safety Week. A number of social projects were organised as a part of the programme. Around 25 impact projects were organised. 

We Care For You - In association with the Mapusa Traffic Cell, riders without a helmet were stopped and given a rose and booklet of traffic rules instead of a challan. The message given was  This campaign was conducted at the Gandhi Chowk which has a huge traffic inflow so as to create maximum impact.

An event titled “Igniting Safer Minds” was also held along with a candle light rally. Here People come and share their stories of either how they met with an accident or shared experiences of their near ones.

Road Safety Pledge was given to over 3000 students in various schools of Mapusa. Various competitions like poster making competitions, slogan making competitions, drawing and painting, quiz were also held.  

A walking rally was also conducted of 80 students promoting Road safety, in the heart of Mapusa, for the Friday market. Flyers on traffic signs and road safety rules were also distributed. Road safety awareness talks were organised in GS Amonkar Vidyamandir and Saraswat Vidyalaya. PSI RS Mangueshkar also spoke to parents of students of GS Amonkar Vidyamandir.

During the closing ceremony of Road Safety Week former assistant director of transport Servo Fernandes interacted with students, parents and teachers from Holy Cross High School Bastora, Shree Bhagwati High School, Mandre High School, Saraswat Vidyalaya and GS Amonkar Vidyamandir. The people of Sirsaim alongwith Taxi Drivers and Rickshaw Drivers were also given a safety awareness talk.

Other activities conducted during the programmer included a safety bike ride within Mapusa, air pressure checkup, speed breaker painting, students rally, Radium Taping, and other. These initiatives were taken by JCI Mapusa in association with the Mapusa Traffic Cell.

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