Sun, 07 Jun, 2020

Under-fire Margao civic body calls off study tour to Mount Abu in Rajasthan

chairperson says it was cancelled as the functioning of the council would’ve SUFFERED

14th January 2020, 03:54 Hrs

the goan I network


Bowing to public criticism over the proposed study tour of the Margao Municipal Council to Mount Abu at the taxpayers’ expense, Margao Municipal Council Chairperson Pooja Naik announced the cancellation of the civic body’s tour to Mount Abu saying it would have paralyzed the municipality as officials of the technical section and other staff were part of the tour.

Hours after a delegation of taxpayers and citizens called on the Chief Officer Ajit Panchwadkar, who pushed the ball in the court of the council to take a call on the study tour, the Chairperson said she along with the councillors supporting her have decided to cancel the tour after paying heed to the advice of Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai and keeping in mind that the councillors should as far as possible avoid the exercise of going on tours at the cost of the taxpayers.

“Even in the past, when the Fatorda MLA was a minister in the cabinet he had not used a government vehicle and other perks. He requested the councillors to follow suit and rethink on the study tour which was meant to see development of green spaces and parks under AMRUT Scheme in Mt Abu in Rajasthan,” Pooja said, adding “since in Fatorda many open spaces have been developed by Sardesai, it was felt that there was no need to go to Rajasthan.”

Reminding that she and Vice-chairperson Tito Cardozo and most of the councillors of Fatorda had not planned to partake in the trip.

“The council was aware of the wrong public perception that would have been created as a result of this study tour and the hardships it would cause to the citizens on account of technical and  other staff participating in it leading to their absence from their regular duties thus causing hardships to citizens of Margao and Fatorda,” she said while justifying her decision to cancel the tour.