Sat, 06 Jun, 2020

An evening at the sea

08th January 2020, 05:27 Hrs


A tryst with art, music, fashion and food aboard Angriya Cruise was worth cherishing as a beautiful memory at the beginning of the New Year. 

Floating on the deep blue waters, the cruise began its enthralling journey from Panji jetty. The journey was centered around the handcrafted ‘Reserved Experiences’ of Blenders Pride Reserve Collection promising for a unique celebration in what was called ‘Ages Ahead’ style. 

As the cruise was voyaging cutting across the waves, the mixologists began showing their skills at crafting the ultimate cocktails behind the bar, leaving cocktail connoisseurs awestruck with their skill. 

The event gained life and energy with Karsh Kale and DJ Jayant Luthra churning an eclectic mix of music. The guests danced to the beats of electrifying performance all through the party. 

Besides, the tantalizing gourmet menu curated by the celebrity chef, Vicky Ratnani had elements of modern cuisines, bringing a whole new range of delightfully sophisticated flavours. 

The view from atop the deck too was captivating and worked to set the perfect party mood on the cruise amidst the sea. The horizon was dotted with ramparts of forts on faraway hills and closer to the ship, one could see a few jelly fishes swimming along the cruise. The picturesque scenes of mountains from distance covered in fog had their own unique charm. 

As the cruise was journeying from Mormugao Port Trust back to Panjim, it was time for the big roaring fire in the sun to set into cool nights. Watching the sun go down the horizon was a breathtaking view from the cruise. 

The party remained high-energy as thumping music and Blenders Pride Reserve Collection keptthe guests charged up all through. 

Speaking on the occasion of the grand celebration, Ishwinder Singh, GM Marketing, Pernod Ricard India said, “Through the immersive evening of modern luxury curated by Blenders Pride Reserve Collection, we endeavour to celebrate the art, music and food imparting an eclectic taste of ‘Reserved Experiences’ to those who have a refined taste and are ‘Ages Ahead’.”

The cruise had multiple platforms with each its own unique celebration. The starry nights and the windy atmosphere along with the confluence of music, food and art was a moment of fun and frolic. 

Veteran designer, Malini Ramani who was host for the event said, “Goa is the second home for me and I am so happy to be curating an experience that’s so in tune with my aesthetic in this gorgeous setting. Blenders Pride Reserved Experiences are a perfect amalgamation of art, fashion, music and food, which make them the perfect settings for some curated shots of happiness.”

It was truly an unforgettable evening, celebrated in ‘Ages Ahead’ style under ‘Reserved Experiences’ that boosted the crowd’s enthusiasm, ensuring that the guests began the new year on a positive, joyful and energetic note

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