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Utpal Parrikar not to attend Margao road inauguration

11th December 2019, 05:09 Hrs

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Manohar Parrikar’s son Utpal will not be attending the inauguration of the road set to be named after his dad, the former Chief Minister of Goa, on his birth anniversary on December 13.   

Utpal said that naming of roads or structures after his father was neither something his father was keen on nor he himself is interested in. However, he said that he will be giving the event in the South a miss due to his busy


“My schedule for December 13 is already full. I am busy in the North with a blood donation camp organised by the party and I will also be at Mala. 

Then in the afternoon, I will attend a programme in Miramar and in the evening will be in Mapusa where the Pratishthan has been established, so I’ll be at that event,” Parrikar Jr told The Goan on


When asked if his absence is because he is upset with the road being named after his late dad, Utpal replied in the negative. “It’s not that I’m upset, but it’s more that I am indifferent. I would say that things like this don’t make a difference to me, and I’m not very keen on this,” 

he said.   

He said what mattered to him more was that so much infrastructure planned by his father had been developed and Goans were going to use it for generations to come. “For example, the Atal Setu (third Mandovi bridge), as well as all the other roads,” he 


Utpal also added that his indifference to naming projects after Parrikar did not apply to any particular project, but to all projects from all parties. “This is nothing to do with the fact that this particular event is in Margao. My statement applies to everything,” he 


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