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Gandhiji’s political ‘heirs’ killed his soul: Governor quotes Lohia

03rd December 2019, 02:09 Hrs

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Goa governor Satya Pal Malik on Monday quoting Dr Lohiya said while Godse killed Gandhi physically, his political successors who ruled the country killed his soul and reduced him to a mere ‘charkha’.   

“We have to know Gandhiji from the vision of Lohia. Lohia believed that Gandhi was physically killed by Godse. But the real political successors of Gandhi, they killed the soul of Gandhi”, said Satya Pal Malik at the ‘Gandhi Katha’ event organised by State Art and Culture department to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of the Mahatma.   

“They forgot the qualities of Gandhi and reduced him to a Charkha. Lohia believed that Gandhi’s biggest gift to the world was Satyagraha. To agitate against injustice. Those who formed governments for their convenience said, now that the British have left, there is no need to fight anyone. Why should we struggle, why should we go to jail. But Lohia was the lone voice in the world. He continued to do Satyagraha and went to jail. His contribution was there in the liberation of Goa. My guru Madhu Limaye was also imprisoned while participating in Goa’s freedom struggle”, Governor further added.   

Further criticising pseudo Gandhians, the Governor said that there were many people who were ‘eating’ Gandhi and there were some people who were ‘living’ Gandhi.   

Gandhian preacher Dr Shobhana Radhakrishna in brief gave a lecture (Gandhi Katha) on Gandhi’s life. She also mentioned the role of Gandhi, Dr Lohiya and other freedom fighters in the liberation of Goa.   

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant who as per listed programme was supposed to preside over the function did not attend, but Deputy Chief Minister Chandrakant Kavalekar attended on his behalf.   

Asked why Sawant had skipped the function, Kavalekar said, “Chief Minister is busy with some other important work so he has requested me to attend the function”.