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Ride of a lifetime

From launch of exciting new ventures and Royal Enfield models to a host of thrilling events and activities, Royal Enfield Rider Mania which took place recently in Goa proved tremendously enriching for the biker community

01st December 2019, 02:38 Hrs


The 11th edition of Rider Mania - annual get together of Royal Enfield riders and enthusiasts from across the world, recently concluded in Goa. The three days brought together nearly 8000 Royal Enfield riders from all over the world to experience the perfect cocktail of  thrilling motorcycling competitions and experiential activities combined with great music from some of the best artists in the country. 

One of the key highlights of the festival was the unveiling of the Himalayan Flat Tracker FT411 and the launch of the Slide School by Vinod Dasari, CEO, Royal Enfield. The objective of the Slide School is to bring in an accessible entry into flat track racing for experts and novices alike and revive the culture of fun and engaging flat track racing in India. The first edition of the Slide School will commence in January 2020 at Big Rock Dirt Park in Bangalore. During the Slide School unveil, Royal Enfield also showcased the custom built Himalayan Flat Track (Himalayan FT411) motorcycle which has been developed in partnership with S&S Cycles, USA. The riders registering for the Slide School will be able to ride Himalayan FT specially created to be ridden on the flat tracks. The first ever demo run with the flat track-ready Himalayan FTs was flagged off by Dasari. 

One of the most popular events at Rider Mania was the Dirt Track event which ended with the podium holders of the past and present, across all classes, battling hard for the Race of Champions trophy. After a tough battle, Mohammad Zaheer from Art of Motorcycling emerged as the clear winner. 

Rider Mania patrons also saw a host of fun activities like the Plank Race competition, Ace the Hill, Motoball and Ring Toss amongst many other motorcycling sports. Each day ended with riders grooving to the beats of bands like Parikrama, Nash JR, Dualist Inquiry Band, The Local Train, Avial, Agnee, DJ SA and Friends that left  everyone wanting more.

Royal Enfield also released 200 of its Pinstripe Helmets, an iconic limited edition of helmets during Rider Mania. Adorned with the century old pinstripes called Madras stripes, these helmets truly give their owners a distinctive identity. Enthusiasts and Royal Enfield riders can buy these one-of-a-kind helmets soon through an exclusive online sale from for a limited period only. 

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