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Bringing Goan sarees to the fashion ramp

29th November 2019, 02:07 Hrs

Goa Couture Fashion week 2019 , season six, is all set to showcase the best designers to Goa. This year, the event is focusing on traditional wear of India, and the weaves and textiles of the country. ` This is the very first time in the history of fashion ramp shows that traditional Hindu culture is being showcased at a fashion show with beautiful traditional Maharastrian and Goan sarees in six yards and nine yards on the ramp. The show will certainly take you back into the era of legends and Maharanis. The special designer for the same is Vinay Narkar who works towards reviving lost stories of sarees, and is excited to showcase his collection including the Peshwa weaves in Goa.   

Elaborating on the event, Narkar informed, “ I will be presenting my saree collection which comprises of Maharashtrian Textiles like the Chandrakalas and The Paithani Shalus. I have revived these two age old Maharashtrian traditions which had got extinct 100 years before. Nobody had worked on it all these years. For this, I have studied old textiles from museums, got few old sarees, studied from various books and interviews. Other collections has my Irkals, Baun Sarees of U P. Apart from that I have my collection of Contemporary Gadwals. In these I have explored the famous three shuttle technique of Gadwal but the design vocabulary is contemporary.  

Goa Couture Fashion week 2019 , season six, will be held at the Museum of Goa on November 30 and December 1. Designers presenting the show include :  

Shilpa Reddy: Shilpa Reddy find her métier in understated glamour. Her muse, the modern empowered Indian women, is a blend of homegrown cultural roots as she is of global exposure. Shilpa Reddy’s label hence marries cultural foundation with modern interpretation.  

Vishali Shadangule: Vaishali S is a brand committed to creating wearable art forms out of handwoven textiles. Since the inception, the brand has been committed to handloom weavers and worked with over 900 weavers and explored 14 different techniques of weaving from various Indian states.   

Vinay Narkar: Vinay is a corporate lawyer by qualification, and studied in National Law School, Bangalore. He was working in Mumbai with a law firm, and was passionate about Indian textiles. His attempts to weave sarees for his wife were appreciated by friends, and more orders followed, after which Narkar shifted to his hometown Solapur and started his own collection. 

Mohan Gowda: Mohan Gowda is well known for having launched his own brand ZivA by Bhuvana Mohan Gowda.  The Banglore-based lable is widely recognised for its innovative and contemporary designs, and delivers attire ranging from luxurious Indian bridal wear to Western Heute Couture and party wear. Gowda has been a part of over 100 shows, and has worked as the official designer for Femina Style Diva and Miss Earth India apart from participating in various other prestigious shows. 

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