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Govt unveils hi-tech plans to fight garbage menace

Norwegian technology incinerator on the cards

28th November 2019, 04:00 Hrs

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Waste Management Minister Michael Lobo on Wednesday unveiled ambitious plans to tackle the waste issue, including the setting up of an state-of-the-art incinerator with Norwegian technology and Rs 100-crore worth project to remediate around 11 existing waste dumps across the state.   

The Minister further disclosed plans to kick-start work on the modern waste treatment plant at Cacora on December 13, coinciding with the birth anniversary of ex-Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, further saying the work on the plant will be complete in 16 months.   

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of his visit to Sonsodo on Wednesday, the Minister said the government has decided to go for an Incinerator, which will burn the plastic and dry waste, generated in the state and produce energy. Saying that the government has identified the technology for the incinerator during the recent visit to Norway and Sweden, Lobo said the land required for the incinerator is already in possession of the Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC). “We will unveil the project once the process, which has been set in motion take shape. Right now, we are transporting the tons of dry waste generated in the state to the cement factories in Karnataka. A time may come our waste may not be welcomed in that state and to meet that situation we have decided to go in for an ultra-modern incinerator, which would not only take care of the state’s dry waste, but would produce  fuel.

Saying that the incinerator will be a blessing for the future generation, Lobo said Goa will be totally rid of dry waste once the incinerator takes shape.   

On bio-remediation of the existing dumps across the State, Lobo said the government has decided to spend funds to the tune of Rs 80-100 crore to remediate the existing waste dumps across the state, including the Sonsodo dump. ‘The Goa Waste Management Corporation has tendered work on the remediation of the existing waste dumps, including Sonsodo. It may cost the exchequer around Rs 100 crore”, he said, adding that the government is determined to tackle the waste problem head on.   

On the Cacora waste treatment plant, Lobo said the government would lay the foundation stone to kick-start work on the garbage plant on December 13, the birth anniversary of former Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar. “It was during the tenure of the former Chief Minister that the garbage plants at Saligao and Cacora plants were conceptualized. While the Saligao plant has started operations, work on the Cacora plant will commence from December 13, Parrikar’s birth anniversary”, he added.