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Now, tatkal for speedy property documents

16th October 2019, 03:04 Hrs

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The State government has introduced a ‘tatkal’ registration system for property documents and instruments before the sub-registrar with the payment of additional fees of Rs 10,000.   

Daily two slots will be made available with Civil Registrar cum sub-registrar on a tatkal basis.   

The law under secretary Amir Parab has issued the order on the tatkal service. The facility has been introduced as per central Government guidelines under the National Generic Document Registration System (NGRDS).   

A certain time will be reserved for civil Registrars and sub-registrars for completion of the registration process under a tatkal basis.   

The Registration Department with its twelve offices of Civil Registrars-Cum-Sub-Registrars one each in each Taluka and Office of the State Registrar-cum-Head of Notary Services at Panaji; and two offices of the District Registrars of North Goa and South Goa; basically deal with recording and preserving evidentiary matters relating to contracts, status, testamentary dispositions also of individual citizens, like marriages, legitimations, adoptions, documents relating to contractual obligations, property transactions, Firms, Wills, Succession deeds, Societies.   

Presently the government has introduced an online system for registration of documents. Present system takes around 15 to 20 days for registration. The person has to send a draft through the online process and after the draft is approved and payment is done the appointment date is given by the sub-registrar for the registration of the document.   

In the case of property registration, the applicant has to pay registration and stamp duty according to the value of the property.