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First aid awareness in schools

19th September 2019, 02:51 Hrs

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In an attempt to raise awareness on the importance of first aid among school kids, Manipal Hospitals Goa collaborated with Mushtifund High School Parent Teachers Association on ‘World First Aid’ day. The programme was unveiled by Dr Jeedhu Radhakrishnan, in charge of department of Accident and Emergency at Kasturba Medical College and Hospital Mangalore and in charge of department of Accident and Emergency at Manipal Hospitals Goa, along with Sagar Agni chairperson of Mushtifund High School parents teachers association, Pallavi Kakodkar, vice chairperson of Mushtifund High School parent teachers association and Dilip Dharwadkar, treasurer of Mushtifund Saunstha.   

Also present on the occasion were PTA members and teachers. Dr Jeedhu Radhakrishnan addressed a gathering of around 300 students to share information on first aid and the importance of it during emergencies. Sharing his thoughts on the occasion, Dr Jeedhu Radhakrishnan, said, “We are happy to partner with Mushtifund High School parents teachers association and share information on first aid with students and their parents. First Aid is the first and immediate assistance given to any person suffering from either a minor or serious illness or injury. It only takes six minutes for the human brain to expire due to lack of oxygen. The main objectives of providing first aid is to first preserve life, stop any further injury and prevent death of the person injured. It is essential to have a proper first aid kit in the schools, as children are prone to injuries while playing or during sports. Emergencies can strike at any time and we need to be prepared at all times to handle such Situations. Further it is helpful to have basic knowledge on what are the immediate steps that must be taken when there is a fall or an injury.”  

Expressing his thoughts on this collaboration, Sagar Agni said, “Parents always get anxious when their kids are injured while playing sports on ground or doing any other physical activity. However, we can be now more aware and watchful especially when it comes to providing first aid to injured person. In fact now both teachers and children are well equipped with some handy information of first aid and we are grateful to the doctors of Manipal for sharing useful information.”  

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