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With lakhs of vehicles, HSRP fitting may be a chaotic exercise

11th September 2019, 02:59 Hrs

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Vehicle owners may have to make at least two trips to the RTO to get their vehicles fitted with High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) -- one to get an appointment and another for installing the number plate. Looking at the number of vehicles plying on the Goan roads, the implementation is likely to be a chaotic one. Around 5 lakh vehicles have been registered in the State in last 6 years from 2013-14 to 2018-19.   

The State government has instructed owners of all vehicles registered prior to April 1 to fit High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) to their vehicles, adding that the process would begin from October and would go on till August 2020.   

In a public notice, the Director of Transport Rajan Satardekar stated that the State government had selected M/s Real Mazon India Limited agency to supply HSRP, to be fitted on the vehicles.   

The Transport department said the process to install HSRP on vehicles would begin from October 1 and continue till August 2020.   

Vehicle owners will have to visit the regional transport offices with Registration Certificate (RC book) and pay the fees to get an appointment for replacement of the number plate with HSRP. The location for applying for replacement and fitting the number plate may differ at some places as many regional transport offices are located in congested areas and there is no space to fit number plates.   

“The company officials will decide and inform vehicle owners about the date and the location for fitting number plates”, informed Prakash Azavedo, Deputy Director of Transport.   

It may be noted that HSRP fitting process is to be completed within 10 months, as Goa is one of the seven states which still has not complied with court’s directives to fit HSRP.   

When asked whether the company will manage to fit HSRP, transport officials said that it is the lookout of the manufacturing agency. They have to manage on their own. The transport department has no role in it.   

“As the implementation will start from October 1, we have told the manufacturers to start the booking process from 25 September itself,” said Azavedo.   

The agency selected M/s Real Mazon India Limited has no manufacturing unit in Goa. The officials appointed by the company will be present in the Regional transport office from 25 September. They will first do the booking for HSRP and details list will be sent every 2 hours to the manufactures located outside the state. The manufactured HSRP will be then brought to Goa.   

(May 2020), 8001 to 9000 (June 2020) and 9001 to 9999 (July 2020). Vehicles which have defaulted the allotted time will be fitted with HSRP in August 2020.   

According to the month-wise schedule, vehicles from all series from 0001  to 1000 will be covered starting from October, followed by all series  1001 to 2000 (Nov 2019), 2001 to 3000 (Dec 2019), 3001 to 4000 (Jan  2020), 4001 to 5000 (Feb 2020), 5001 to 6000 (March 2020), 6001 to 7000  (April 2020), 7001 to 8000.