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IPB CEO quits, blames ‘red-tapism’

11th September 2019, 02:59 Hrs

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In a sudden and unexpected decision, the Goa-Investment Promotion Board (IPB) CEO Vishal Prakash has decided to resign with immediate effect, after complaining of having been bogged down by the same red-tapism that businesses complain about in the State.  

In a letter to Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, who is chairperson of the Goa-IPB on Tuesday, Prakash stated that when he took up the position in August 2018, he “genuinely believed that Goa was taking a lead in attracting talent from the private sector and that freshness of thoughts and working styles could transform the below par image of the State from an investors perspective.”  

“I believed that my 

expertise and skillsets would bring about a change in the functioning of the Goa-IPB, which is the showcase organisation for anyone looking to invest in Goa,” stated Prakash in his resignation letter.  

“However, that’s not been the case and I have been bogged down by the same red-tapism that businesses complain about. As a result, I would like to utilise my time more effectively and explore other opportunities while also returning to my family in Mumbai.”  

Since his responsibilities as CEO of the Startup Promotion Cell of the government were an additional charge in his capacity as the CEO of Goa-IPB, Prakash said his resignation should also apply to the additional charge.  

“Kindly relieve me of my responsibilities at the earliest and oblige as there is no active critical project or activity which I am involved in which cannot be managed on a day-to-day basis,” stated Prakash.  

He also pointed out that his contract fee had not been paid to him since January, “as a result of some reluctance to pay the GST applicable on the Contract Free.”  

He has requested the chief minister to personally intervene in getting these dues cleared at the earliest with an appropriate decision on the matter relating to applicability of GST.