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Taking a step towards healthy lifestyle

Wanting to spread the awareness that lifestyle disorders should be tackled with lifestyle modification and not medicines, ADORE Trust is organizing a walkathon in Goa on September 15 as a part of a global event wherein people from 194 cities in 10 countries will have similar walks on that day

07th September 2019, 02:16 Hrs


They call it Dr Jagannath Dixit’s Parivar - a global family of  people batt;ing diabetes across the globe that communicates with each  other, shares their health issues, clears doubts and seeks advice  through a common platform offered by 300 odd WhatsApp groups that it  includes. And this global family that is spread across 194 cities in 10  countries will be walking together in different time zones on September  15 for the cause of a diabetes and obesity free world.  

This event is organised by the Association for Diabetes and Obesity  Reversal (ADORE) Trust, the brain child of Dr Jagannath Dixit who has  been appointed as the brand ambassador for diabetes and obesity reversal  by the Maharashtra government.The Sunday event is absolutely free of  cost and in Goa, the 5 km healthy Dr Dixit Diet (3D) walkathon will  begin at the Fatorda Stadium in Margao at 6. 30 am on September 15. The  motto of the initiative is ‘Lifestyle disorder should be tackled with  lifestyle modification and not medicines’, and hence the patients and  doctors together shall strive to achieve reversal of diabetes. The  participants of this 5 km walk will be given certificates.  

Among the organisers on behalf of ADORE in Goa are Subodh Shevde and  Neeta Sadekar, both of whom have experienced the benefits of Dr Dixit’s  Diet in just few months. Shevde, a 57-year-old businessman owning a  transport company, claims to have reversed his diabetes in just eight  months, by following strictly the Dixit Diet pattern. “I did not want to  go for allopathy in dealing with my diabetes and hence opted for  Ayurveda,” shares Shevde.

A very good lawn tennise coach, Shevde, is a hotel management  graduate from Margao who was associated with leading chains of hotels  like Taj, Welcome, Oberoi and Sayaji group for almost 18 years.  He recalls, “I heard and  watched Dr Dixit, and also Dr Shirkant Jichkar. Then, having being  convinced, I began following the tips and advice that Dr Dixit gave in  his videos. I followed Dr Dixit’s advice, Within two months I was  feeling energetic and efficient. My experience was good so I kept  following the advice. Then I joined EWL (Effortless Weight Loss) group  to reverse my diabetes completely. Within eight months I was free of my  medicines.”  

Now, Shevde is an admin in the WhatsApp group and also  gives awareness lectures on diabetes and obesity across Goa. “There’s a  massive transformation in my health, with diet, exercise and walks. We  walk 4.5 km per day in 45 minutes, eat two meals a day and nothing in  between. Only buttermilk, water, green or black tea is allowed,” states  Shevde.  

“One has to fix the meal times depending upon the hunger time, as  each person may have different hunger times. The Dixit diet helps in  controlling hair loss too, besides eliminating acidity and migraine. My  acidity and migraine vanished completely,” claims Shevde who gradually  got involved in the awareness movement in Goa. Associated with Dr  Jagannath Dixit for more than two years, Shevde is personally trained by  Dr Dixit to handle the cases of obesity and diabetes.  

“I have got around 800 cases not only in India but also around the  world. And most important factor is, all of them got positive results.  In some cases, diabetes is completely reversed,” claims Shevde who has  delivered many lectures in Goa, his latest being on August 10 in Ponda.    

“We have opened a centre at Margao this year, to offer  free advice to diabetic patients and those who suffer from obesity. It’s  open on every Wednesday,” maintains Shevde who has taken upon himself  to spread his experience based knowledge. One has to treat the root cause and not the  symptoms. The body has all the systems and tendencies to balance.  People invite the diseases by irregular eating habits, and lifestyle.  The 3D diet plan maintains the functional balance in the body and normal  insulin is secreted regularly. “It is the ignorance that makes us ill.  Be educated, be aware, check HB A1C and not fasting or post prandial  (PP) sugar. Eat only twice a day and keep diabetes at bay,” concludes  Shevde.  

(Participants can register online for free by visiting the walkathon registration link 

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