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Sand erosion takes a toll on Salcete’s coastal belt!

CZMP, GCZMA officials yet to ascertain damage & destruction caused to coastline

14th August 2019, 03:49 Hrs

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Have any of the authorities entrusted with the task of formulating the Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) inspected the coastal areas battered by the waves and rising sea water in the heavy rains that lashed the state in recent days?

Visit Salcete coastal belt, spanning along the Benaulim-Colva-Sernabatim beach belt and one comes

across sand erosion, destruction of the flora and rising sea et al. Locals and social activists, however, say they have not seen any officials from the department of Environment nor the Goa Coastal Zone

Management Authority (GCZMA) to ascertain the damage and destruction that has been caused to the coastline during the rains, a factor that may come in handy for the coastal zone planners to include the inputs in the CZMP under preparation.

Take the case of the Sernabtim-Colva-Benaulim beach belt. That the beach belt has been battered by

the rising sea water and huge waves is evident by the sand erosion. That the roots of plants and trees lie exposed is a testimony that the coast is susceptible to changes brought about by nature’s fury.

A walk down the Sernabatim coast brings to the fore the extent of damage caused to the plant life, and not to mention about the roots of coconut trees lying exposed since then. That the solar powered

illumination lamps installed along the Sernabatim beach belt have all fallen on the shore after they could not withstand of the nature’s fury showed the extent of damage done to the coast during this


Social activist Judith Almeida has expressed her concern over the extent of damage caused to the coast this time round. She, however, raised a pertinent question – why have none of the authorities, who will be preparing the CZMP for the coastal areas, visited the battered coast and saw for themselves the ground reality before finalizing the plan?

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