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A treat of sight and sound

A new event titled Videotheque that is happening for the first time at Favela today presents a unique fusion of audio and video

14th August 2019, 02:10 Hrs


Favela Goa is set to host for the first time a special event titled Videotheque today, which brings together a unique mix of audio and video along with some great music from the R&B genre. In the new concept, a song is played by the DJ on turntable while simultaneously the video of the song can be seen on an adjacent screen. What’s more, the video plays in sync with the song, and both audio and video can be manipulated by the DJ using the turntable, informs DJ Ivan who will be a part of the upcoming show.   

“The concept of ‘Videotheque’ is that both audio and video play in sync with each other and can be manipulated using the turntable. It is all in real time, and the videos will respond to the movement of the turntable. For instance, if I bring the volume down, the screen will go blank,” states Ivan, who has been performing such shows across India since the past eight years, and annually performs two shows in Goa, one in August, and the other in December.   

While the response of the crowds has been fantastic for this concept, playing in Goa has always remained special, says the DJ. “In Goa, people love their music, and we can see people from all around the country come here to enjoy the show,” says the DJ. “Additionally, in Goa we get extra hours to play the music as compared to some of the other locations around India which will typically shut down at 1am. So, it gets more exciting as people respond better through the night,” he adds.   

The upcoming Videotheque show will be focusing on songs from old-school hip-hop and R&B, and DJ Ivan is set to bring an impressive collection of around 200 songs for the programme. When it comes to English songs, sometimes the videos of the songs may not be acceptable for universal audience, and this is a point of concern for many, but such a situation does not arise in the Videotheque show, states DJ Ivan. “We are very particular about the kinds of songs we play. We do not play videos with objectionable content. Instead, we play music and videos that come on TV, so our content is viewer-friendly,” he says.   

The show is set to be held at Favela on August 14, 8 pm onwards. It is for the first time that there will be DJ at Favela ratehr than live bands at Favela, with  DJ Ivan, DJ Ayesha and Macattack performing at the special event.