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IT Park gets a booster as Chimbel p’yat ‘logs’ in

10th December 2018, 02:45 Hrs

the goan I network


For the first time ever, after the IT Park had been vehemently opposed by  villagers, the Chimbel panchayat on Sunday came out strongly in support  of the same even as the gram sabha turned into a battleground between anti-IT Park agitators and supporters and had to be abruptly ended.

Stating that a resolution was adopted at the gram sabha in favour of IT Park project in the village, Sarpanch Chandrakant Kunkolkar said, “a proposal was put forth by Pandurang Kunkolkar in favour of IT Park and the same was passed”.

He claimed that the IT Park proposal was never opposed by the panchayat and always supported the decision taken by the people. “In today’s gram sabha majority of the people supported the IT Park  and we are supporting their decision,” he said adding that the  panchayat has placed its demands with the IT minister like jobs for  locals, police station, health centre, playground, school, community  hall, IT training centres and other infrastructural facilities.  

When questioned what would be the position of the panchayat if  these demands are not accepted by the IT Minister, Kunkolkar said the panchas will deliberate and decide on the same. 

However, the sarpanch had no answers on the stamp of approval for the  IT Park even before the white paper is released on the project.  

Kunkolkar also stated that neither the  concerned minister nor officials had briefed them on the IT Park. 

Meanwhile, Chimbel ZP member Sandeep Vernekar has opposed the IT Park project in the village. 

Speaking to media, Vernekar said if the project was good and would be beneficial to the people, the IT Minister can shift it to his constituency.

He also pooh-poohed claims of jobs for the locals. “Everybody  knows how jobs are provided. The IT minister is from Porvorim and  naturally he will prefer his constituents for jobs,” he opined. 

Further, Vernekar stated that it would have been good if the IT  minister or concerned officials had come to the panchayat and explained  about the project.