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Talking about Art at TedxGEC

The TEDx event named ARTiculate was recently held at Goa College of Engineering (GEC). The event saw registrations from 3 states with immense interest garnered as a result of the unconventional theme of the event.

30th August 2017, 01:44 Hrs

The TEDxGEC was a Salon event. These events see TEDx talks and ideas being used to bring together a local community, enhance the conversation and tailor the ideas to the convenience of the student community.
Through the event, the TEDxGEC team sought to highlight the fact that art and science are inseparable. "The overlapping of the two fields can only yield mind boggling results. Whether it's Sood's upbeat Electronic music that uses modern day equipment and sophisticated softwares, to Dr Kerkar's upcoming project which involves an app and a VR gear that will give the user a chance to experience Gandhi, or Aditya's film which was applauded for its technical prowess at the recently held National Film Awards, there's no denying the fact that the fields create wonders when they intersect," said one of the organisers.
Anish Sood, one of India's most prolific names in the dance music scene, and creator of the fashion line ‘Class Action' was the first speaker of the event. Anish's talk ‘From the classroom to the dance floor' talked about how to find success in your life by extrapolating his formula of success onto other fields. He spoke about the importance of time, recalling his college days when he would attend classes from Monday to Friday and travel on the weekends to perform at shows. He also spoke about the vibes we consume from our environment and how that can affect anyone, stressing on the content we consume from social media he spoke about the need to stay away from the virtual world and indulge in some constructive work.
The founder of Museum of Goa and a household name owing to his epic artworks, Dr Subodh Kerkar, the second speaker, spoke about the social and the political aspects present in his art. His talk covered his major artworks which attempted at making some kind of social statements. Dr Kerkar made his admiration for Gandhi clear with a demonstration of his upcoming project, an app that shows you a 3D sculpture of Gandhi whenever it is pointed at any currency around the world. He also highlighted the fact that littering is an act of violence against the planet and spoke about the immensely popular ‘Carpet of Joy' which was created with over 1,50,000 plastic bottles and was installed to create awareness about the menace of littering. Dr Kerkar captured the true essence of an arts importance in creating waves in our society that have wide social impacts.
Director, Screenplay writer and Theatre artist, Aditya Jambhale, the final speaker spoke about his life journey reimagined as a screenplay for a film in the aptly titled ‘Writing the screenplay of your life'. Aditya spoke about the beginning of the journey with him imagining himself as a the protagonist with strengths and weaknesses, the call to adventure with him quitting his IT sector job to pursue his passion for cinema, the struggle he had to go through thanks to facing societal pressure and the climax, with him winning the National Award for best direction in the non-feature category. He highlighted the difference between interest and passion, the former being an infatuation and the latter being an eternal fire.

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