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Beef was never banned during Congress regime: Reginaldo

Curtorim MLA says meat consumed is not of cow

Story: the | goan | 04th July 2017, 04:44 Hrs
MARGAOrAsserting that the Congress was not in power in Goa when the State enacted a law to ban cow slaughter, Congress Curtorim MLA Reginaldo Lourenco on Monday said that beef has never been banned in Goa during the Congress rule since it is not meat of cow, but buffalo, ox, etc, which is consumed by a large section of Goan society.r Reacting to the statement made by BJP National president, Amit Shah that cow slaughter ban was enacted in Goa by the Congress regime, Reginaldo said the Congress government came to power in Goa only on January 16, 1980, adding that the MGP government was at the helm of affairs in Goa and the Janata Party at the Centre from March 24, 1977 to January 14, 1980.r “Goemkars, be they Hindus or Catholics or Muslims know how to maintain the communal harmony in their Goa and would not slaughter a cow for eating purpose because it is a matter of reverse for our Goemkar Hindu brothers and sisters,” he said, while demanding to know why the BJP is not acting against the new outfits masquerading as Gau Rakshaks, and killing fellow human beings in BJP-ruled states in the name of cow.r He has further demanded to know what prevents Amit Shah to direct his Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take sternest of the stern action against the lumpen elements who are creating mayhem in the name of cow vigilantism. “Does Amit Shah and his Central and state government take dictates from their masters operating from Nagpur to subjugate the minorities and weaker sections of the society. Please remember that we the people of Goa can never get divided in the name of your latest divisive venomous agenda of cow slaughter because Goemkar Catholics and Muslims, etc do not believe or adhere to the view in killing cow for food,” he said, while urging the BJP leaders not to mix cow slaughter issue with eating of beef in Goa.r He also demanded an apology from the BJP national president to the travelling public, the security violations at the airport, while demanding action against the authorities responsible for the lapses.