Wed, 12 Aug, 2020

About Us

The Goan Everyday was launched on 18 June with the specific purpose of reporting Goa as it is, without comment, twists or personal bias. The challenge before us is to avoid stereotypes, the usual pitfalls and focus on growth with a social face. In our journey to build a better, vibrant and happy Goa, we will strive to strike a balance between growth and the need to preserve the environment. But most of all we will act as a sentinel for the people of the State. On a daily basis we provide extensive village-level coverage of the State. We have reporters in every taluka who provide in-depth reports and analysis on every issue that engages Goa. Our features section brings you news on events, people and entertainment all rolled into two pages every day and a four-page magazine on Sunday.

In our effort to go beyond the boundaries of the State, we have designed a vibrant and easy-to-use website which contains everything that matters and more. Also, at the click of a button you could access our e-newspaper from any part of the world and read.

Our Job: To ensure that you have all the information you need at all times to make quick and smart decisions.

Our Moto: We are committed to telling you the truth at all times.