Thu, 28 May, 2020

The after-party effect

The first day of New Year is here, and ideally, it ought to be a fresh new start. However, many of us who have had a great party through the night, find ourselves welcoming the new day with troublesome after-effects of the previous nights party. Here are some simple ways to heal from post-party blues

02nd January 2020, 03:34 Hrs


Goa experienced the longest and heaviest night out of the year 2019 last night and those who have been out, having a gala time partying with family and friends are back in their homes – some returning at late night and others in the early mornings. Drinks or no drinks, partying till late in the night results in hangovers and most of us are familiar with it as we all have faced this situation in some time or the other in life.   

The question is, if one has not adopted any precautionary measures to save him or her from getting this hangover, what can be done now? Precautionary measures are always better than popping pills later. Alcohol dehydrates the body, so keeping the body hydrated with lots of water or liquids is advisable to save from getting dehydrated. Dehydration puts pressure on the kidneys and liver and if continued, over a period of time, one may damage these vital organs. Also having light snacks before or during the drinks keeps the stomach satiated and one does not get headaches or migraines the next morning.   

So, how to get rid of the hangover if you already have one? Fortunately, there are some effective remedies for those who haven’t taken any precautionary measures the previous day by keeping their bodies hydrated or by eating well. As we know, the hangover is the dreaded result of a heavy night out, so can we try salty food or flat coke as a remedy? This may suit some, but not all!   

Eating normally during the day and having some small meal or a healthy snack (sprouts, not peanuts) before hitting the party, is the best way to keep one on the feet. Food slows down the rate at which the alcohol is metabolized. The only care one should take is to eat moderately and not heavily. Too much food in the stomach may give a bloated feeling and spoil the evening. Also whatever one eats should not turn acidic later. Alcohol and acids don’t get along.   

When it comes to drinks, some mixers and concoctions may give headache the next day. So one must try to avoid mixing two different types of drinks – like spirits, wines, beers or other beverages should not be mixed or drank one after the other. Thudding headaches are bound to happen the next day, if done so. Sticking to one drink is a better option. Also clear drinks (which are low in calories) are better than coloured ones. They minimize the effects of a hangover. While ordering the drinks, one must stick to singles, instead of double or large measures. Ordering a non-alcoholic drink between each alcoholic one is helpful too. Herbal concoctions act as detoxifiers and protectors of the liver functions.   

For those who are on medication, must check the labels and levels of their medication as sometimes medicines react adversely with alcohol. Sleeping too much the next day is not the solution. As sleeping slows down the metabolism and the body takes longer time to dispose the alcohol consumed. That’s the main reason for hangovers. So stay awake, don’t sleep it off. Also after you return, consume something. A juice of lime and honey with a slice of wholegrain bread will do wonders. The best and wisest thing to do is, not to overdose yourself while partying. Being with family and friends, enjoying in a cheerful mood and celebrating the moment is a great thing to do, but succumbing to alcohol and drinking too much spoils the mood and harms the body. Stop drinking immediately, if you feel you are high. Driving back home can become a risk, if one is drunk and not in his senses.   

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