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GALF calls to intellectuals from across the globe

01st December 2019, 02:37 Hrs


Goa Arts and Literature Festival 2019 will be inaugurated by the eminent scholar and author Harish Trivedi, and the pioneering editor and widely acclaimed journalist Priya Ramani. The ceremony at ICG on December 5 will also include a poetry reading by Chorao-based Salil Chaturvedi, and the unveiling of the official festival anniversary artwork by Carmona-based author/artist Dr Savia Viegas. This will be followed by a panel discussion entitled One nation, one voice? featuring Patricia Mukhim of Meghalaya, Samar Halarnkar and Amita Kanekar, hosted by Naresh Fernandes (the latter three all of Goan origin).

The historic 10th Anniversary edition of Goa Arts and Literature Festival places a special emphasis on those connected to India’s smallest state. Over the span of the last decade, this volunteer-driven intellectual gathering has established itself as amongst the premier events of its type anywhere in the world. To celebrate, the festival, curators Damodar Mauzo and Vivek Menezes have invited many of those who have contributed to GALFs success to gather anew at the International Centre Goa from December 5-7 (register now:

The 10th anniversary of GALF will showcase writers from across the diaspora including Ivo de Figueiredo from Norway, Derek Mascarenhas from Canada, and Suneeta Peres da Costa and Sujatha Fernandes from Australia. Goa-related exclusive launches include ‘Arayaka’ by Amruta Patil, ‘The Matata Trilogy’ by Braz Menezes, Mandalay’ by Clara Astorla,  ‘A Song for Saligao’ by Clarice Vaz, and the re-launched Parmal Magazine from Goa Heritage Action Group.

Other launches include ‘Insurgent Empire’ by Cambridge-based historian Priyamvada Gopal, ‘Pangat: A Feast’ by Saee Koranne-Khandekar, ‘Love Without A Story’ by Arundhathi Subramaniam, ‘The Sixth River’ by Maaz bin Bilal, ‘Accidental Magic’ by Keshava Guha, ‘Stuggles with Imagined Gods’ by Hemant Divate (and translated by Mustansir Dalvi), and ‘Taboo’ by Nirmala Govindrajan. 

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