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Now, ‘Dial 112’ for all emergency calls

10th October 2019, 01:47 Hrs

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Goa on Wednesday took the first step towards integrating the public interface for emergency response to a single helpline number “Dial 112” in keeping with the Union Home Ministry’s directive to have the uniform helpline nation-wide.   

 Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Wednesday launched “Dial 112” – Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) in the presence of Director General of Police Pranab Nanda.   

‘Dial 112’ will eventually replace the existing 100 (Police), 101 (fire) and 108 (ambulance service) helpline numbers currently operational in the State.  

For starters, ‘Dial 112’ will handle the 100 (police helpline) from Wednesday and gradually integrate the medical services (108) number and finally the 101 (fire) number.  

Once fully operational, all emergency calls on ‘Dial 112’ will be first directed to the Police Control Room where the call will be attended and all details of the emergency noted. At the backhand, the compiled info will be forwarded to the ‘dispatch cell’ which will analyse the info and accordingly send SOSs to either police stations of the location where the call has come from if the response needs to come from the police. SOSs will also go to the Fires Services or the Ambulance services depending on which one of the two is required to act, or both if it is so required.  

The entire ‘Dial 112’ project is being executed by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC).   

The in-built software of the new system meanwhile will instantly give the location of the caller using Geographical Information System (GIS) maps and it will be directly connected to the emergency response vehicle located 

closest to the caller’s location.  

Speaking after launching the service, Sawant said 20 PCR vehicles have equipped as of now and in due course all the police vehicles will be fitted with the necessary equipment.  

The system is also integrated with the the location-based services provided by telecom companies which would aid pinpointing the exact location.  

Meanwhile to benefit women, the ‘Dial 112’ system has added the ‘SHOUT’ feature to ensure instant assistance from volunteers.