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Health officials finally admit to dengue outbreak in commercial capital

10th October 2019, 04:32 Hrs

It’s official. Perhaps for the first time since dengue first raised its ugly head at the onset of monsoon, health officials now admit, at least in private, there’s an outbreak of dengue in the commercial capital.
Reason. If the dengue cases reported from the commercial capital up to September-end was pegged at 351, the number has not seen a decline this month.
On the contrary, around 80-odd cases have come to light in the first eight days of October, around 10 cases per day on an average, indicating that disease showed no signs of abating, prompting health officials to admit for the first time that there’s an outbreak of dengue in the city.
That Hospicio hospital receives more than five cases of suspected dengue for admission is a clear indicator that the disease has still not come under control, with health officials in the know saying that dengue cases are no longer confined to Borda, Gogol, Aquem, but has spread all across the city, right from Madel to Malbhat and Pajifond to Ambaji.
To tide over the problem and to keep dengue at bay through awareness, officials of the Margao Urban Health centre have knocked on the doors of the local religious bodies, right from the churches to masjids and temples to make citizens aware of dengue raising its ugly head in the commercial capital.
Says Margao Urban Health Officer, Dr Anju Kharangate: “The health centre has taken all possible measures to control and stop the spread of dengue in the city. Though the incessant rains had nullified our measuring, including fogging and anti-larvae spraying, we are continuing our efforts with renewed vigour to control the menace.”
A fortnight ago, Dr Kharangate had sought the help and assistance of citizens in supplementing the efforts of the Urban health centre, especially to spread awareness amongst the citizenry on dengue, but the efforts have only received mixed response.
“We want the citizens to partake in our awareness programmes. This will help the households ensure there’s no breeding ground inside their homes,” she added.

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