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Hi Axea Kednam Sompteli? Taming the greedy

11th August 2019, 02:57 Hrs

Tiatr mogi

Love has no bounds and greed has no qualms. Why does a man have to succumb to the temptation of coveting something that is not his or something belonging to others? Does the law of the land really support the greedy to amass what is not really his? Will a day dawn on the greedy to repent for his avarice and faulty steps that resulted from greed? Seek answers to these and many more questions as one watches Menino de Bandar’s Hi Axea kednam sompteli?  


The script is in the tiatr style. The comedy is part of the main storyline. The cantos are melodious and pleasing to the ear. The script is simple and the turns of events are dramatic. However, the characters created do not have logic and change their attitude and grit without any justification. Although the script is flowing and interesting, the writer has failed in his homework and this is the downfall of the otherwise good presentation. The script talks about discussing the matter with advocates but this has not been done. The focus of the plot is the son in law fighting to get his share of the inheritance from his wife’s side. When both the parents are living, there is no law to seek the division and distribution of assets among the children and here the entire storyline falls flat.  


The tiatr has comedy related to the main storyline. This is a welcome development. There are also comedy scenes outside the main storyline but they have been cleverly woven keeping the graph of the characters intact. The comedy is clean and decent. There were some double meaning comedy intended due to the tee-to-telling nature of one character but that can be passed as the other characters reacted and clarified the nature of the character. The entire comedy team kept the audience in smiles occasionally sending in peels of laughter


The sets are the downfall of the presentation. This is the same set that is being used by the director for the last three four tiatrs staged by him. The texture of the sets is irritating to the eye. The printing of flex reflects light on the eyes. The happenings of the tiatr is inside the house but the drawing suggests the exterior. The house belongs to a ‘crorepati’ as the proceedings of the tiatr suggest, but it is a pity that the crorepati owner had no decent furniture in the house to sit and had to comfort himself in the cheap plastic chairs. But then in professional tiatrs, anything is ‘chalta hai.’


The tiatr features a good set of artistes. Menino de Bandar plays the lead role of the father with gusto but has to learn the art of delivering dialogues without shouting. Annie is the mother. Great at emotions and dialogue delivery. But this seasoned actress needs to dress up to her character. Costumes are meant to add colour to the character but then she dressed to give the audience a look at her wardrobe and her fashionable dress designs which were anything but linked to her character. Ophelia was great as the daughter. This girl has a great stage presence and acting sense. Maxcy in the lead was convincing but at times his shouting of the dialogues were irritating to the ears. Comedian Humbert was in great element and took control of the proceedings with ease. Comedian Pitush and comedian Agnelo assist him fruitfully. Lavina needs to learn the skills of doing character roles and maintaining the character throughout the play. Wilton was too overdramatic. It appeared as if this young boy was acting in a carnaval play and not a tiatr. Josevon was great in his cameo. The histrionics of this actor was not tapped to the potential.  


The band is good but too loud. At times drowning the singers. The background music was effective. There are some lovely solos by Rons, Menino de Bandar, Jose de Pedda Ophelia and Benny de Aldona. The solo of Rons on the need for the tiatrist to practice in real life what they preach on stage was superb. A great composition too. When tiatrist are criticizing the politicians and their likes this solo in self introspection was a welcome relief. The duet by Jose de Pedda and Ophelia too had a good message.  


The direction was good enough though but the artistes should refrain from shouting for all the dialogues delivered. It was a good combination of the technical side and the artistes. A good performance to watch.  

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