Thu, 12 Dec, 2019

All name-change adverts of last 15 days to be probed

10th August 2019, 01:44 Hrs

the goan I network


Law and Judiciary Minister Nilesh Cabral on Friday said that he has asked the police to inquire into all name changing advertisements of the last 15 days.   

The Goa Legislative Assembly on Friday passed the Bill making changing of names without following modified procedures a congnizable offence, liable for imprisonment.   

The Goa Change of Name and Surname (Amendment) Bill, 2019 which was passed today states that violators shall be punished with imprisonment which shall not be less than seven days, but not exceed three months.   

Law and Judiciary Minister Nilesh Cabral said that with the new law people born in the state are eligible to change names in Goa. He expressed concern over people from

 outside the state are changing their names and taking goan surnames.   

Assembly on the last day of the monsoon session also passed Goa Staff Selection Commission Bill which prescribes the formation of new commission for recruiting undergraduate staff in the government departments.   

Goa Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Bill 2019 that makes registration and regulations of clinical establishments in the state mandatory. It provides to penalise those operating without registration under the new legislation.   

A government doctor or para- medical staff if found working at any private establishment, not only he will face departmental disciplinary action but private clinical establishment in question will lose its registration. The doctor or para medic may be penalised with fine which may extend to Rs 25000 for first offence and Rs 2 lakh for every subsequent contravention.   

 Any clinical establishment operating without registration will face summary closure of the facility and fine which may extend to fifty thousand for first contravention, Rs 2 lakh for second violation and Rs 5 lakh for subsequent contraventions.   

The appointment of person to practice medicine without adequate qualification will not go un penalised. Whoever runs clinical establishment or appoints any person or carries on a clinical practice without the required medical qualifications shall be punishable with fine of Rs 1 lakh and the registration of such clinical establishment shall be cancelled.   

Even those knowingly serving in unregistered clinical establishments will be penalised. A fine extendable upto Rs 25000 may be imposed.   

Once the new legislation comes into force, every clinical establishment will require to follow conditions such as maintaining the minimum standards of facilities and services as may be prescribed, minimum requirement of personnel, appoint grievance redressal officer, make provision for maintenance of medical records and reporting as may be prescribed.   

If the clinic is operated by single doctor, he himself shall be a grievance officer.   

The registration certification issued to clinical establishment will have to be prominently displayed. The Bill provides for constitution of the Goa Council for Clinical Establishments and proposes to repeal the Goa Medical Practitioners Act, 2004.   

A district registering authority for each district for registration of clinical establishments with district collector as chairperson has been provided to be constituted. The new body – Goa Council for Clinical establishment - will require to compile and update the state registrar of clinical establishments among other functions.