Wed, 16 Oct, 2019

South people are unhappy, but I have faith in CM: Churchill

13th July 2019, 03:45 Hrs

the goan I network


Benaulim MLA Churchill Alemao on Friday said people in down South were unhappy with the recent political developments but expected Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to deliver.   

He also said he was disillusioned with the Congress which had been propping up leaders who did not have a following.   

“People in South Goa are unhappy with the political happenings. A lot of people say its good but equal number also say what has happened is bad. But then, people forget soon,” Alemao said.   

“I have 100% guarantee that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant will do something good. He takes everybody along. He does not differentiate. He should work for the ordinary people,” he added.   

The Benaulim MLA who had come to pay a courtesy visit to Lobo was speaking to journalists at the residence of the deputy speaker.   

Continuing, Alemao said BJP has carried out a lot of good work and that was one of the reasons he supported the government.   

“No one can deny what development BJP has done. Former chief minister late Manohar Parrikar has built the new bridge…That’s his capacity. The kind of development they are doing at the moment is good. I have lent my support to them,” he said.   

The NCP MLA from Benaulim said he was completely disillusioned with the way Congress functioned in Goa.   

“Congress does not know how to treat people. Congressmen are embracing persons who have no public backing. And that is why Congress is getting disintegrated,” Alemao said. The Benaulim MLA wished Lobo well and expected him to take the oath as a minister on Saturday.   

“I want my friend, Michael Lobo, to be made a good minister. This is my request with the CM,” he said.