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Rainwater enters houses in Chimbel

12th July 2019, 03:39 Hrs

the goan I network


Rainwater entered several houses in Chimbel as torrential rains lashed the State on Thursday.  

The worst affected area was near the Our Lady of Livra Febres Chapel. Among those heavily affected was Zarina Ana Francisca Dias, whose house was completely submerged under water as the road leading to her house got water-logged. Rainwater also entered a general store belonging to Gauri Naik and damaged the goods stored inside.  

A portion of the road which leads to Kadamba road from the Livra Febres Chapel was also washed away with the underground water pipeline exposed. Mud, stones and sludge also completely buried a huge portion of the road making it unmotorable.  

Outlining the reasons for the entry of water in houses, a local Ana Gracias informed that the stormwater drain located close by has not been de-silted.   

“Also, an abandoned quarry which used to function as a catchment area has been filled with construction debris and that water has also got diverted,” Gracias stated.  

Another local, Manifa Fernandes, laid blame on the laying of checkered tiles by closing the drainages. “With drainages blocked the water has now entered the houses,” Fernandes lamented.   

She added that the rainwater at the underpass near the Sai Baba temple also flows towards Chimbel side, making matters worse.  

“The housing society there has blocked the outlet on their side, due to which, rainwater which is supposed to flow on their side is now flowing towards Chimbel side,” Fernandes pointed out.