Wed, 16 Oct, 2019

Mayor threatens to stop Saligao, Calangute sewerage vehicles

25th June 2019, 02:19 Hrs

the goan I network


The Corporation of the City of Panaji Mayor Uday Madkaikar on Monday threatened to stop the sewerage trucks coming in to unload sewage into the Sewerage treatment plant from Saligao and Calangute if garbage trucks from Panaji and Taleigao are not allowed at Saligao treatment plant.   

“If the locals of Saligao village continue with their stand of not allowing the garbage trucks from Panaji and Taleigao to Saligao treatment plant we will also not allow sewerage from Saligao to be treated at Panaji sewerage plant”, Madkaikar said at a press conference.   

Madkaikar recalled that there was a routine practice for the last two years that one garbage truckload each from Panaji and Taleigao was sent to the Saligao plant as Panaji did not have that much capacity to treat all garbage on its own.   

“But for the last two days the Saligao plant operators have stopped receiving garbage trucks from Panaji. After inquiry, the contractor said panchayat members and 

people were opposing the trucks”, he said.  

Madkaikar said, if the 

Saligao locals don’t want the garbage from Panaji then we will also not allow the sewerage to come to our area.  

Around 28 tonnes of garbage is generated daily in Panaji area and around 18 tonnes is treated at sites near Heera Petrol pump, LIC headquarters and market area. “There is no option other than sending remaining 6-7 tonnes of garbage to Saligao plant”, he said.   

He said, there are around 60 sewerage tankers from Saligao and Calangute area which come daily to the STP at Tonca and the number goes up to around 100 during the peak tourism season. There is a lot of stress on Panaji’s infrastructure due to these sewerage trucks entering the city. If Saligao people don’t want garbage from Panaji then we will also not take their sewerage, he added.   

He also demanded that the government take up the Bainguinim Garbage treatment plant as soon as possible.