Wed, 16 Oct, 2019

AS FOMENTO DEADLINE ON SEGREGATED WASTE NEARS...Sonsodo dump may play host to fresh waste again

16th June 2019, 02:59 Hrs

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Faced with the prospect of Fomento not accepting mixed waste at the Sonsodo waste treatment plant from Monday, the Margao Municipal Council is toying with the idea of resuming dumping of waste on the Sonsodo site which was recently covered with mud to cap the fire and smoke at the site.  

Margao Municipal Chairperson Babita Prabhudesai pointed out that while the Civic body will go all out to get only segregated waste from the city households and establishments from Monday, she said there’s no bar from the High Powered Coordination Committee (HPCC) headed by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on the Civic body from dumping the waste on the existing Sonsodo waste dump. “I have checked up with the officials and they have confirmed that the HPCC headed by the Chief Minster has not banned dumping of waste on the existing site”, she said.  

In fact, the MMC Chairperson said the HPCC had only observed that fresh waste should not be dumped on the existing dump yard till the fire and smoke was capped by the authorities.  

Sensing huge trouble for the Civic body at Sonsodo in the event the Municipality fails to hand over only segregated 

waste to Fomento, with the company making it clear that no mixed will be accepted at the plant from Monday, Babita looks at the existing dump yard as a short term solution to her problem of the Municipality’s failure to transport only segregated waste at the Sonsodo plant. “We understand the concerns expressed by Fomento. And, we are also aware of the limitations to get cent per cent segregated waste from the households. In such a situation, we will have to weigh various options, including the option to resume dumping of waste at the existing dump as a short term measure before segregation of waste at source catches up with the households”, she added.  

The Chairperson further said the Civic body is also weighing options of roping in expert agencies to conduct a study on waste segregation and to make the public hand over only segregated waste to the municipal workers.  

Businessmen want dry waste 
to be collected everyday
MARGAO: Owners of commercial establishments generating only dry waste have expressed their reservations to the Margao Municipal Council’s plan to collect dry waste only on two days, Tuesdays and Fridays in the city.  
The owners, more so small businessman, have pointed out their premises generate only dry waste every day, saying the Civic body should collect the dry waste everyday so that the dry waste does not pile up in their establishments.  
They further pointed out that business establishments pay almost three times more than residential households for collection of waste. “We will take up the matter with MMC chief Babita Prabhudesai and Chief Officer Sidhivinayak Naik to ensure that the dry waste is collected from the commercial 
establishments on a daily basis”, a shop owner said.  
Meanwhile, the Shadow Council for Margao, though late, has welcomed the latest initiative of the MMC to go for segregated waste collection.  
“As we appeal to all the citizens of Margao to hand over segregated waste to MMC workers, we also request the Council to provide for a proper system to transport the wet waste separately to the dump yard”, SCM Convenor Savio Coutinho said.
He said the SCM team will be monitoring the system and will not only cooperate and support the Council, but also not hesitate in exposing any form of lethargy or lack of seriousness on the part of the Council.