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Art under the banyan tree!

Sharing space on the art canvas with his students, artist and teacher Wilson D’souza will be displaying some of his works and those of his students at his studio set to open at Dona Paula

13th June 2019, 03:33 Hrs


A picture says it in one go, what a thousand words can and believing in this in its entirety, graphic designer Gillian D’souza is all set to narrate her favourite songs and stories through her paintings. “I have illustrated a graphic novel in two pages in the art diary that’s going to be displayed at my mentor, an Indian contemporary painter Wilsons D’Souza’s art studio Banyan Tree which will be inaugurated on June 14,” shares Gillian. 

The inaugural exhibition cum sale of works is a sneak peek into the versatility of Wilson and a glimpse of all genres of his art will be on display.  

The theme revolves around the various facets of art an individual can pursue with live example of how Wilson has dabbled in each of these as well as educated generations in each of these fields. Also, it’s a preview to the various exhibitions of his artworks that will be planned in the future.

There will be 10 main diaries and each student will be represented by a diary or drawing. One of them is Gillian whose degree in Fine Arts from Goa University in 2004 placed her among the finest graphic designers in Goa and she spent around 15 years honing her design skills at various agencies too.   

A bachelor of Fine Arts with Design and Applied Arts, Gillian shares, “It was eight months ago that I joined Wilson’s Pyde Pyper Art Academy where I could learn new techniques of art forms.” Expert in communication design, custom handcrafted package and stationery design, she is confident of her skills to narrate stories visually.  

“It is some of these art forms that I learnt here, will be displayed in my art diary. We were given few assignments. One of it was a story on a spirit, which I illustrated with a graphic novel. There is also a mixed media collage where one of my favourite songs is being illustrated. It is my interpretation of this song. Also there would be a new perspective of the objects around us in our everyday life, that we would be showcasing,” states Gillian.

Along with Gillian there would be other students of Wilson whose art diaries, art journals and oil paintings will be a part of the exhibition. Swathi K, an 18-year-old art aspirant who has been preparing a portfolio of her work before she joins a fine art college, is participating in the show too. “Three of my diaries will be displayed at the exhibition and an oil painting portrait. Portraits are what I do mostly. I like to do portraits of people in my life, especially the expressions on their faces,” shares Swathi, a student of Our Ladiy of Rosary HS, Dona Paula. Originally from Bengaluru, she has been in Goa since 2010 and it’s been three-and-a-half years that she has been learning with Wilson. Now for the past few months she is trying her hands on sculpting. Swathi admits that she has been attending workshops on painting on and off, since she was a 12-13 year-old school girl. Art has been always close to her heart and she intends to embrace it as a career.   

As the founder and art director of The Pyde Pyper Art Academy, Wilson has been painting, illustrating, sculpting, designing for over three decades and has displayed his works in India and abroad. An avid photographer and a writer, the reason for him to establish this art institute was bringing to fore the artistic talents of the children and grown-ups alike. The Pyde Pyper has been running for the past 10 years and 1000 plus students have enrolled here so far. A pioneer when it comes to art education and career guidance for the visual arts, Wilson has shaped the lives of many, including students from other fields. Many of his students exhibit their work now and are professional artists of high standing. Always willing to share space with his students, Wilson will be displaying the works of his top 10 students along with few new kids who have joined him recently. “It is for encouraging my students to learn and do better,” he smiles. 

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