Thu, 19 Sep, 2019

No entry to Silveira, Tendulkar tells angry BJP workers of St Andre

12th June 2019, 04:43 Hrs

PANAJI: Amidst rumours about St Andre Congress MLA Francisco Silveira joining the Saffron party, BJP workers from the constituency on Tuesday marched to the party head office protesting Silveira's entry into the ruling party.
Agitated over the reported entry of the Congress MLA of St Andre into the BJP, workers of St Andre constituency met the State party president Vinay Tendulkar at the party head office at Panaji.
Tendulkar, however, assured the party workers that there is no such move proposed by the party, adding that the rumours may be the handiwork of disgruntled MLAs of the opposition who are trying desperately to get entry into the ruling dispensation but that the party and government has no place for them.
The delegation of BJP workers was led by St Andre mandal president Ravindra Borkar, candidate of the party for 2017 assembly Ramrao Wagh and other party workers.
According to sources, the party president informed the delegation that there are a set of MLAs from the Congress who are interested in joining the party, 'but we have not responded positively to them keeping in mind the support of our coalition partners who have stood by us in difficult times.'
BJP party workers informed that Silveira and his supporters are contacting locals and even BJP workers telling them that he is joining the BJP and soliciting their help.
“This has created confusion in the party cadre as well as locals who are questioning the local leaders,” said a worker.
Wagh said that Silveira is worried about losing the support of his constituency and hence he is desperately trying to gain entry into the ruling dispensation.
“If Silveira is given entry into the BJP, it will weaken the party base and damage the future prospects of the party in the constituency,” said Wagh.
The protesting party workers also submitted a letter requesting the BJP not to entertain the proposal of Silveira's entry. A copy of this letter is also being handed over to the Cchief Minister.