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Vingans: When revenge is the motto of your life

09th June 2019, 03:59 Hrs

Tiatr mogi

If the fruits of love is well being and goodness; the fruits of hatred is revenge. Children are tender in mind. When they are a witness to something gory and cruel, they harbour those bad thoughts deep within which later turn into nightmares. At times their lives get so preoccupied with those thoughts that this idea becomes a central point and their lives start revolving around it and when the unfortunate incident is the murder of someone close to them, the result is revenge. Vanida Correia takes you along with her version of sweet revenge in her presentation Vingans.


The script is focused on the theme and all developments are subtly related to the title. The script is written in a the tiatr format and the young writer stays faithful to the format of script writing. The cantos are well composed and are rightly placed in the story. The language is simple. The development of sequences are interesting. It appears to be a saga of illicit relationship but as the tiatr unfolds into the second half, the motive and identity of the characters get revealed and that creates an interesting turn. This revelation in turn leads the audience to rethink the entire storyline.

Comedy :

The comedy sequences of the presentation is purely in tiatr style. The comedy is integral to the plot, and is light, simple and purely decent in character. This being the first commercial venture of this writer, the less quotient of laughter is understandable but the decency of comedy is surely commendable.


A new broom sweeps clean, and sets that are required as per the story line are well enacted. The sets reveal the background and financial status of those dwelling in it. Special setting is also provided for certain scenes. The opening set of the tiatr is captivating and makes the opening scene even more meaningful.  For once the blue curtain was not used as part of the sets .


The tiatr features new artistes probably from the writers locality, and if nurtured with care, the artistes  surely have good prospects on stage. The only professional artiste was Tracy Dias and Tracy’s contribution was outstanding. Her experience on the professional stage was put to use among the new comers on stage and that lifted the acting potential of the artistes co-starring in her scene. The comedians too have a good timing and a little more exposure to the professional stage coupled with watching of good comedy enactments can get their careers a firm footing in the tiatr field.       


The band was excellent. Pitush and Roy were great in the blowing section while the dancing drummer ‘Paklo’ was a treat to watch for the audience too. The songs had good melodies; some being original ones. Most of the songs were by new faces. Shanaya Pereira, the teenage sensation delivers two power packed solos in a style that is her own. Tracy Dias sings a beautiful solo and then joins her partner for a lovely duet. Teotonio is the other known face. The lyrics of his first song were not clearly audible and comprehensible. His second song was upbeat and was going well however he missed the beat on a few occasions.


Though a new entrant in the field of professional tiatr, Vanida managed to get the best out from her artistes. It was a a great overall performance. There were  good light effects on display ably assisted by a sound background score. A good performance.

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