Wed, 21 Aug, 2019

A promise from Himalayas

The Himalayas teach us that while nature gifts us with its pristine beauty, we too must show great respect towards it

09th June 2019, 02:58 Hrs

Saiee Dhargalkar

Goan Nature Trekkers recently ventured on its fifth Himalayan exploratory expedition to Roopkund and summited Kaluwa Vinayak (14,300ft.), a shrine nestled under the parental shadow of Nanda Gunti and Mt. Trishul. The impulsive weather of Himalayas made the trek an ever adventurous trail while the glorious Mt. Trishul inspired the trekkers to conquer the unpredictable challenges. 

Twenty nine trekkers, for four days in wilderness, experienced snowfall, uncertain showers, scarcity of water, uninhabited expanse, raged wind, and yet, to them everything felt worth it. The mountaineers covered a total distance of 43 km on foot. The base camp was at Lohjung (7.700 ft) while the other camping sites were at Didna village, (8100ft), Abin Kharat (12,1000ft.) and Pathar Nachani (13,000 ft.). 

The highest climb gives the best view and so, as the trail gained altitude, every day unfolded beautiful scenes and novelties to be explored: the belling ambiance of Didna village, dense forest of oak  and pine trees at Tolpani, alpine meadows of Ali Bugyal, snow patched Pather Nachani, zigzagging descend of woody Ghairoli Patal with Rhododendron of white, pink and purplish tinge. Then there was the soothing Neel Ganga, too-broad-to-embrace Deodare trees of Wan Village, tiny Primroses, White Clovers, wild Pemulas, wild goats and sheep and of course, the Himalayas at its utmost luster.

 It is indeed rightly said ‘Respect the mountains and they will take care of you’. The trekkers adhered to the laws of the mountains including  responsibly disposing the degradable garbage and carrying back what they brought. The mountains too kept their promise, offering prestine natural beauty, joy and great memories to the visitors.

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