Mon, 19 Aug, 2019

Construction boom makes Assagao and Anjuna prone to malaria: Health Officer

screening of MIGRANT labour aDVISED ,Gradual drop in number of cases in Siolim

16th May 2019, 02:15 Hrs

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Although a major construction boom has made the villages of Anjuna and Assagao highly prone to malaria, there has been gradual drop in malaria cases in the last couple of years under the Siolim Primary Health Centre.  

“There are many constructions coming up in Assagao and Anjuna and therefore these villages are high-focus areas,” Dr Cheryl D’Souza, Health Officer, Siolim Primary Health Centre.  

The health officer informed that comparative statistics of the previous two years reveal that there has been gradual drop in cases of malaria reported in Siolim.  

She further said in the last two to three months, there was not a single case of malaria reported from the area.  

“Fortunately, in the last three months there have been no cases of malaria detected, not even among the labour class from these areas,” she said.  

The health officer was speaking to the media at the sidelines of an advocacy workshop on vector-borne diseases held at the Assagao panchayat hall on Wednesday.  

State Entomologist Dr Nandini Korgaonkar, who was the resource person at the workshop, explained the attendees about dos and don’ts to avoid breeding of mosquitoes which give rise to vector-borne diseases.  

Locals, building contractors and some labourers were also present for the workshop.  

Continuing, Dr D’Souza said there have been many malaria cases in Anjuna belt but the PHC staff has brought it under control by conducting house to house visits and even seeking the help of village panchayat members.  

“Screening of labour before they enter a construction site is crucial to reduce the instances of malaria. The contractors have to also ensure that they maintain their health cards,” she said.  

The State Entomologist, Dr Nandini Korgaonkar informed that increase in the amount of fine against contractors who fail to adopt the mandatory health parameters of their labour has also helped in fulfilling the targets.  

“For every labourer who has failed to undergo the screening test or maintain his/her health card, the contractor has to pay a fine of Rs 10,000 which is quite a hefty amount,” Dr Korgoankar said.