Mon, 19 Aug, 2019

Theatre workshop on tiatr held in city

16th May 2019, 03:33 Hrs

Humorous Presentation of Skits in Konkani, was recently presented in the city, orchestrated by the participants aged between 10 to 16 yrs of the 15-day Theatre Workshop which was conducted earlier.

Based on the various exercises they learnt in the workshop, the presentation included various humorous scenes, an incident based on an exercise on improvisation, a comedy Teacher, Mhaka Pass Kor, a `Klaun’ and a special Cantar written by Tina Costa which was presented by the children as part of the training process and was well appreciated by all. 

Chief Guest Cezar D’Mello, well-known Tiatr personality and Member Secretary of Tiatr Academy of Goa graced this programme with his presence and distributed certificates to the participants. He marvelled that most of the kids who were exposed to Tiatr for the very first time could bring out such a splendid performance within just 15 days of this workshop. While he briefly explained the history of Tiatr, he encouraged the participants to take more active part in Tiatr. He also appreciated the efforts put in by the organizers to carry the tradition to the next generation.

The invaluable contribution of the resource persons, Anagha Deshpande, Saish Deshpande backed by Sandip Deshpande, so also Tiatr Practitioners Carmin Joseph e Vas (Writer/Director), Fermino Goes (Director/Actor) conducted various sessions on character development, body movement, use of proscenium, voice and speech, improvisation, theatre games, structure and history of Tiatr and to add, a special session by Akanksha Parab on ‘Theatre for personality development’ made this workshop a success.

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