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KTC’s bus travel @ ` 30, but courier service comes at ` 70

15th May 2019, 03:09 Hrs

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Sending a document by the Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) parcel service within the State has become more expensive than to send a document from Goa to Mumbai by regular courier service.

This is because, the KTC has recently levied a steep hike in its parcel service from Rs 40 to Rs 70, drawing flak from regular users of the KTC parcel service.

According to sources, the KTC has outsourced its parcel service to a contractor Omkar Logistics, which operates the service at a pan-Goa level.

“The price of parcel service has been hiked from Rs 40 to Rs 70 for a document in an envelope,” said the source.

The KTC parcel services had been a widely recognised and frequently used facility within Goa, due to its affordable rate and reliable service.

But hike in service has angered many customers.

“While a person can travel from Vasco to Panaji with a KTC bus fare of Rs 30, the cost of parcel at Rs 70 practically makes no sense as a person can personally travel with the document, instead of sending it by bus,” said a local Ashwin Raikar.  

Said another resident Hassan Khan: “KTC has to reduce the rates for its parcel service, because other courier companies charge Rs 50 to send a document from Goa to Mumbai. If a parcel can go to a distance like Mumbai for Rs 50, why is KTC charging Rs 70 for an envelope between Panjim and Vasco?”  

A source at Omkar Logistics said the present cost for a parcel starts at Rs 70.  

“The rates of parcel begins at Rs 70 for a document in the envelope and a parcel up to 10 kgs will be charged Rs 100. Any parcel above 10 kgs will be charged at Rs 210.”  

“We deliver to all bus stations in Goa. We are to cater to 15 bus stations and we also operate inter-state parcel services to all interstates bus stations covered by KTC buses.”  

“KTC used to charge Rs 55 for envelope, which is now hiked to Rs 70. The KTC also charged Rs 70 for a parcel up to 2 kgs and Rs 95 for above 2 kgs. We have converted all bulk parcels at Rs 100, a hike of only Rs 5. We have the order for these rates from the KTC,” said the source.