Thu, 28 May, 2020

Kids day out

15th May 2019, 03:51 Hrs


It was a gesture of some compassionate individuals and organisations that a total of 59 girls and 47 boys living in various orphanages and children’s homes - Isha Kripa Sadan (Siolim), Nava Jyothi Rehab Centre (Madel, Thivim), Margaret Bosco Bal Sadan, MBBS - Don Bosco (Paliem Ucassaim), Samarpan Foundation Tuition Center (Chimbel) along with children from the Indira Nagar slum - were allowed a free entry to FroggyLand Water Park at Nuvem Verna, thanks to the owner Simran Mascarenhas. The initiative taken by Samarpan Foundation to allow a fun trip to these orphan and underprivileged children was quite a success as Farraz Patel, MD, Cosmic Smile Cosmetic Teeth Whitening sponsored refreshments, lunch and transport facility. Samarpan volunteers Catherine Wutka and Anthony Remedios and 15 caregivers helped to make this trip a reality for the kids. “Not all of them are orphans. Some have single parents who work as house maids and live in those homes permanently. These parents do not have homes of their own to take their children back in summer vacations,” says Jeshua Fernandes, Goa co-ordinator of Samarpan Foundation.   

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