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Tiatr: An honest Review: Vanvank chuklear ganvank chukta: An eyeopener to the giver

12th May 2019, 03:05 Hrs

Tiatr mogi

A stitch in time saves nine. But if one needs to reap the fruits of these saves one has to stitch in time. There is no point after the milk is spilled on the floor. We need to be alert and awake as the milk boils in the pot.

As parents we are givers; givers of love and everything in our kitty in the name of love. We fail to keep a track of or rather forget monitor our giving. We have full faith in our own people that at times we blindly give inorder to see our people happy in life. We are not only blind, but also deaf in hearing what others have to say about our own people, often thinking that the observations made against our own are out of jealousy and ill-intentions. When the consequences of our actions are visible to our eyes, we are left with only tears! Tears in our eyes; tears in the eyes of those around us. Domnic Fernandes draws this point very clearly and effectively in his latest release Vanvank chuklear ganvank chukta.


The script is perfectly woven in the tiatr style. A simple script written and presented on stage. The thought is ‘old wine in new bottle’. This thought is age old and explored on tiatr stage by umpteen writers over the year. But the packing is good and the sequences that develop in the plot are of the present day happenings in the society. The cantos too are well composed and rendered. The comedy is an integral part of the main plot and takes the main story ahead which is a requirement of a tiatr script.  


The tiatr has clean and decent comedy interwoven in the main plot. It is heartening to see how situations are well used to create comedy from what is going on without cracking of jokes downloaded from internet. The charactors are family members of the lead cast. It’s a welcome move in tiatr but only a question lies unanswered. If part of the same family, how does the brother and sister speak in different dialects? But this observation can be passed as the decent comedy overcomes the minor hiccup.  


The sets are tailor made. The director has gone on traditional mode and used well painted curtains to depict the households of the tiatr. The curtains are new on stage and so are pleasing to the eyes. No use of blue curtain was made. The curtains depicted the financial status of the families. However placement of better furniture in the households could have enhanced the beauty of the sets


The tiatr features a mixture of professionals with some upcoming and new artistes too. The director needs to be complimented for this bold move. Aplon as the dominating and benevolent giving mother was very convincing. Anthony San as the father was on target. Alberto as the other parent was effective but needs to enhance his confidence levels when on stage. Francis Rebello the young sensation was aptly cast in the role of a son. His costumes smile and stage presence had killer effects. Piewina and Princy had minor roles but both played their roles to satisfaction. Zeferino the vintage tiatrist had a good stage presence but was not confident in his dialogues. Lino’s body language and mannerisms lifted the simple comedy to higher levels and he was well supported by Sandra and Socorro in the comic acts. Lino is surely an actor to be watched. 


The band music by Kresto Rodrigues was catchy. The tiatr features some good songs. The opening song is melodiously sung by Alberto Cardoso. A duet by Francis Rebello and Piewina, a trio by Piewina, Princy and Ciyah, the trios by the veteran Zeemix deserve special mention. Zeemix Trio may not have the original zest that was spectacular two decades ago but then their sense of harmony, the clarity of the alto sung by Xavier and the  tenor sung by Michael made their trios great.  


Domnic deserves a pat on his back for the lovely presentation. Picking up speed by accelerating the tempo of the dialogue delivery can further improve the performance. A good performance to watch.  

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