Mon, 19 Aug, 2019

Now, Cabral too impersonated in extortion calls

20th April 2019, 02:09 Hrs

PANAJI: A day after Health Minister Vishwajit Rane complained that his name was being misused by an unknown person to make calls to prominent businessmen and extort money, there were reports of another Cabinet minister being impersonated in similar extortion calls.  

Power Minister Nilesh Cabral has also been told by some businessmen that they got calls from a person claiming to be him and demanding funds.  

Sources close to the power minister said he is likely to report the matter to the police on Saturday after a prominent nightclub owner known to him took to social media to

 reveal that he got calls claiming to be from the minister.  

Rane, meanwhile, had already written on Thursday to the Director General of Police Pranab Nanda asking that the matter be investigated.   

Meanwhile, North Goa Superintendent of Police Chandan Chaudary (IPS) is investigating the reported extortion calls made in the name of Rane.   

Based on the number provided by the minister, which he said was used to make the extortion calls to prominent Panjim businessmen, police have sought caller identity details and records from the service provider.