Sun, 16 Jun, 2019

Let’s vote for a united, democratic India

While ‘Ordinary Thieves’ steal your valuables, ‘Political Thieves’ steal your future, career, health, environment, peace, general well being as well as your money!

Story: Jesuin | George | 16th April 2019, 03:21 Hrs

Jesuin George Fernandes

Every  election provides citizens an opportunity to cleanse the rot. Lok  Sabha Election 2019 is believed to be much more as it could go on to  decide whether India remains India (a secular democratic country) or  not. Politicians and governments will come and go but the  various institutions - the pillars on which democracy stands - once  destroyed will be rather difficult to rebuild. 

If the government of the day  tries to subvert the autonomy of institutions like the judiciary, the  investigating agencies, the financial and banking institutions, the  Election commission and use them to further its own political interest, democracy is bound to crumble. 

We need a government that respects the Constitution and the lofty ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity  enshrined therein with heart, soul, mind, body and action. 

The main  virtues of democracy are that it reduces the gap between the rulers and  the ruled by restricting the power of the former and enlarging those of  the later. Paradoxically, if citizenship rights are better respected in  monarchies (at least technically) like Britain than in democracies like  India, its simply because they have stronger institutions there!

No  country can survive in disunity and strife, especially one as large  and diverse as India. For a prosperous thriving India, we need a  government that unites and takes everybody along without discrimination  and ensures social, economic and political justice to every citizen.

For  many of us, Election 2019 may be the last election that can possibly be  called as free and fair, if we, the people of India, fail to choose  wisely at this crucial stage. If the institutions needed for the healthy  functioning of democracy, the delicate checks and balances, are  systemically undermined and destroyed, democracy itself will get  derailed. The strength of the institutions decide and ensure that the  rule of law is not overwhelmed by the sheer weight of numbers.

And institutions cannot remain strong in the hands of small men trying to look big! As  we brace up for Election 2019, we need to ask ourselves some important  questions: Can any country afford a pompous ‘leader’ who loves  flaunting the achievements of the country’s armed forces and the  scientific community as his very own personal achievements? 

For the  first time in the history of independent India, ruling party leaders are  trying to politicize and virtually claim ownership of our Armed Forces  by referring to it as “Modiji ki Sena”! 

This dangerous trend if left  unchecked can slowly turn India into a Banana Republic... Can the  country be safe and secure in the hands of a political dispensation  that brazenly stoops to using war as a means of garnering votes? Should  we support political parties that keep taking pot-shots at a  neighbouring country to create mass hysteria and divert attention from  the government’s failure on all fronts? Where will a political dispensation  that is bent on branding every dissenting voice in the country as ‘anti  national’ lead us to?

Goans are mature, civilized and broad-minded enough not to fall prey to politics of pitting one community  against another. 

In South Goa there are three serious contenders in the  fray – an old horse in Francisco Sardinha, an ageing ‘Chowkidar’ in Narendra Sawaikar  and a promising but yet to be tested bureaucrat turned politician in Elvis Gomes. 

To put it politely, the performance of both Sardinha and Sawaikar as Members of Parliament have been mediocre. 

Elvis  Gomes on the other hand is a great idea whose time is yet to come. As  his AAP Party has no vote base as such, a small wave in favour of Elvis  will only help the ‘chowkidar’ to sail through... What Elvis needs to win is a big tsunami which is simply not there in the making.

In  a situation like this, it is prudent that all well meaning citizens  stand together, overlook trivial matters and look at the much bigger  objective of putting up a good responsible government at the centre.  

Sardinha is an old horse with good bones - haddani ghott - and still  capable of running a race!  Elvis has age and calibre on his side and  moreover we need him more at the State level.

The rising sons of  departed leaders are exposing the ruling party’s hypocrisy on dynastic  politics. The lone woman MLA in the ruling coalition, a capable lady by  all counts, is being blatantly ignored for any important positions in  the government.

The difference between OT and PT: while Ordinary Thieves steal your money, gold and valuables, the Political Thieves steal your future, career, health, environment, education, peace, prosperity, general well being as well as your money! The more interesting difference between ordinary thief  and political Thief is that while the former chooses whom to rob, we  ourselves choose the Political Thief to rob us. 

Let’s vote to elect a  good responsible government, a government that will ensure that India  remains India - an India where religion does not divide people into  narrow fragments by walls built by politicians. 

We need to vote wisely  to ensure that on the 23rd May, the country wakes up to usher in  a India where the politics of hatred is subdued by the hand of unity. 

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