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Innovative interventions in musical workshop

14th April 2019, 02:11 Hrs

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The New Academy of Music Arts and Hindi (NAMAH) is organising a Summer Music Certificate Program conducted by Natallia Kapylova and Luidmila Alizarchyk for the benefit of students, parents and teachers engaged in the education of music at the International Centre Goa, Dona Paula on April 16 between 10 am and 5 pm.  

Natallia Kapylova has worked as a Concertmaster at the Belarus Academy of Music and as a piano teacher at the Belarus College of Arts. She commenced her piano training at the age of seven and was under the tutelage of Prof Yushkevitch at the Belarus State Conservatory where she obtained degrees in Classical Piano Performance, Artist of Chamber Ensemble and Concertmaster Diploma. An excellent communicator with superior understanding of the music, she is the most sought after faculty for interpretation in Bach, Chopin and Debussy.

Luidmila Alizarchyk has conducted studies in Minsk (Belarus Academy of Music). She is the founding member and arranger of Trio Belissimo and has played as pianist in the Korean and Western Fusion music band for many years. An ardent disciple of classical music, Luidmila has interacted and performed with varied groups in Belarus, Korea, and India, including The Majestic Orchestra and Wind Stream Brass Orchestra (Seoul, Korea), and various chamber ensembles.

With a wide demand for music education, the responsibility of educating young minds to new techniques and practices in music learning and performance, have seen compelling evidence in the music industry. Students in the program will be exposed to accelerated music reading along with smarter ways to practice and interpret a musical score. Innovative interventions such as fish bowl technique along with structured master lessons will be the key takeaways. One can contact for registration on 9923656735.

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