Wed, 26 Jun, 2019

Art blossoms on city streets

Offering a platform for the watercolour artists to meet in Panaji for landscape painting every Sunday, Watercolour Society of Goa is grooming enthusiasts from all walks of life to indulge in art and spread the joy of creativity

14th April 2019, 02:10 Hrs


Eagerly awaiting this outdoor landscape painting activity that happens every Sunday, these art enthusiasts have been perfecting their drawing, sketching and colouring skills. In fact, it’s becoming a habit for some of them now as this is being continued on a regular basis since December 2018. There are kids, school and college going students, homemakers, working men and women, retired elderly, artists, art lovers and enthusiastic learners amongst them. Assimilating at one point in the capital city this bunch of mixed personalities then proceeds to one of the corners where they can choose a place and settle.   

“We literary squat on the pavement, or sit on some broken compound wall or just anywhere and open our Pandora’s Box that has our tools - pencil and Paper, brush and water colours and start sketching whatever landscape is before us - a house, road, tree, compound wall - just anything,” quips Hrishi Satardekar, a Goa College of Art student living in Pernem. Hrishi travels from Pernem to Panaji every Sunday just to be a part of the event. 

Like Hrishi there are hundreds more who have gathered under the banner of Watercolour Society of Goa (WSG), a first of its kind organisation working towards the promotion of Goan water colour artists. Registered under the Society Act 1860 in December 2018, WSG is a voluntary group formed to bring water colour lovers, students, professionals and hobby artists in Goa together. Currently WSG has 150 hobby artists, all of who are connected by a WhatsApp group to interact with each other. They post their work, ask for guidance and share their knowledge about water colouring. 

Officially launched on March 30 at the hands of Milind Mulick, a watercolour master of international repute, the Watercolour Society of Goa (WSG) has 11 artists on its executive committee board. Mulick, who is popularly known as the ‘Master of Watercolours’ was happy to see so many water colour lovers coming together for a common cause - to paint their heart out. 

“All of us vowed to continue our passion for watercolours and guide each other in learning new skills,” shares Kalidas Satardekar, vice-president of WSG. A Goan artist of repute, Kalidas and the WSG team guides the members on Sunday meets. Though WSG’s official launch was in March, the group has not missed any Sunday in the past four months. Including engineering student Rudraksh Priolkar, artist Sneha Wadkar or retired art teacher Rajendra Paradkar, at least 40-50 art enthusiasts meet under the umbrella of WSG every Sunday.  

Coming from varied backgrounds, these water colour lovers assimilate with only one motive - to paint whatever landscape is before them. When it comes to pure love for art, there is no age bar, not upper or lower ceiling for anyone to join WSG. “We don’t charge fees to be a part of us. In fact, the committee spends from its pockets each Sunday on tea and snacks. The members bring their own tools and colour their painting. They can take it home after completion. ‘We are planning to exhibit the works collected so far,” says Kalidas, himself an award winning artist from the state. 

WSG offers tea and snacks and takes a team photo before the group disperses. It also makes raw material available by buying it in bulk and distributing among the artists who don’t have to run from pillar to post to fetch it. “ Very soon WSG plans to display the work done by our members in the past few months. Let the world see and appreciate,” concludes Kalidas. 

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