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A Green Revolution: Goa embraces going organic in a big way

With ‘Go organic’ mantra, numerous green warriors in Goa are making serious efforts to make people aware of the right things that they must eat and what can be done on an individual level to eat healthy and stay fit. The Goan spotted many organic growers who grow their own food, teach others how to grow or deliver their farm fresh organic produce to people’s doorsteps

01st April 2019, 02:22 Hrs


The key word for a healthy living today is ‘go organic’ and many conscious beings, including farmers, agriculturists, horticulturists and business persons are investing their capital and energies into adopting technology to grow organic farm produce. There is a growing demand in the market for organically grown vegetables, fruits, pulses and grains. Even clothing made out of organically grown cotton is very much in demand, despite the ‘not-so-pocket-friendly’ rates of organic clothes.  

Indeed, it is an altogether different issue, that whether we use organic products or not, our health is determined by umpteen other factors too - that are polluting our soil, water, air and space - which are directly or indirectly affecting our immunity system weaker and weaker with every passing day.  

In this small State of Goa, where people and organisations are interconnected with each other, ‘going and growing organic’ is the community awareness movement that is driving most of the conscious population. Green warriors are seen working hard on all fronts to make people aware of conscious living and embrace health. It is a good thing and the momentum is picking up with more and more people joining the bandwagon.  

There are vendors like Green India Traders that have announced of door delivery of fruits, vegetables and greens grown naturally once a week on every Wednesday and Thursday beginning from April 4 in Goa. Atla B V Reddy who is associated with Green India Traders states, “Already 20 people have placed orders in advance and as of now my hands are full.”  

Reddy will be supplying to his clients in Goa, seasons fruits like guava, sapota (chickoo), pineapple, pachabale, banana yelaki, papaya and pomegranate as well as vegetables like green chilli, bitter gourd, cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage, chow chow, farm tomato, onions, potato, beetroot, green capsicum, green brinjal (Mysore Badne), corn, carrot Ooty, farm beans, garlic, ginger, brinjal round, capsicum coloured, ladies finger, radish, sambar onion, pumpkin and greens like coriander, methi, mint, dantu, drunmstick leaves, palak (spinach).  

After receiving an overwhelming response for the brown rice from St Estevam, the Goa Green Brigade has announced the launch of Jyoti paraboiled brown rice grown from farmers in different parts of Goa. “This rice has been grown with minimal use of fertilisers and is completely free from any pesticides and weedicides. The brown rice will be sold only for personal consumption and not commercial use, at Rs 40 per kilo in 10 kilo bags from April 3 to 30, or till stock lasts,” announced Nester Rangel from St Estevam.  

Promoter of organic living, Darryl D’Souza grows organic vegetables in his home garden at Candolim and also organises ‘Earth Keeper’s Market’ where people can pick up their organic fruits and vegetables, groceries, seeds and saplings, honey, herbal health supplements, healing herbal teas, vegan food, natural body soaps, shampoos, cold pressed oils, bath salts, non-toxic cleansing agents, healthy food, natural and eco-friendly products for everyday use.   

Another software engineer Suprajit Raikar from Benaulim quit his job and started his own firm ‘Raika & Company’ that sells raw, organic honey that has rich medicinal value. Raika products are also available on Amazon. Suprajit also educates remote farmers in honey-bee keeping and buys back the honey they produce once they learn the art. Raika is into organic soap too. “I am happy to be my own boss,” announces Suprajit.  

Then there’s the (ever)green messenger Ashok Dande, hale and hearty in his early eighties who not only grows his own fruits and vegetables in his home garden at Taleigao but also educates others through his practical workshops and lectures on good gardening. Dande is one of the many who have devoted their lifetime and entire energies to spread awareness about Mother Nature for over five decades. “I grow coconut saplings of Benaulim variety which start yielding within four years after shifting to their permanent quarters,” states Dande who also has limited stocks of fresh organic edible coconut oil that is cold pressed. Dande, who has named his garden ‘Nandanvan’ admits joyfully that he feels he’s already in heaven whenever he sits or works in it. “Mother Nature has returned in bountiful and I am really grateful for her gesture,” says Dande, a retired office superintendent at Dhempe College of Art and Science, Miramar.  

Committed agro-activists like Miguel Braganza have invested their life, organising fruit and vegetable festivals year-after-year in Goa boosting the morale of farmers as well as neo-agriculturists by awarding the best fruits and fruit by-products. Miguel has been also delivering lectures, conducting workshops, holding kitchen garden competitions, and travelling across the world to attend conferences and seminars on organic farming.  

Overall, Goans are increasingly indulging into ‘going and growing’ organic which is the right way of living a healthy, dis-ease free life. The organic awareness also has initiated businesses and contributed to the economy in its own small way.   

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