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Next level hyper-riding: 2019 Bajaj Dominar

10th March 2019, 03:07 Hrs

Ritesh Madhok

So after a long wait since it was first seen 6 months back, Bajaj Auto Ltd has finally revealed the 2019 Dominar UG in all its glory in an ‘Auroral Green’ paint scheme, which is an upgrade and will replace the existing Dominar. The 2019 Dominar offers you the complete CS400 experience as Bajaj had originally promised. So, not further delaying things ahead, let’s talk about the New Dominar UG.


Bajaj has developed a completely new Engine head to accommodate DOHC setup, that’s Dual Head Over Head Camshaft which eliminate vibrations completely, also makes the engine BSIV ready. There are no vibes felt even as high as 9,000rpm.The engine now comes with a 10k rpm cut off, and now produces 39.4Ps as compared to 35Ps of Power but still produces the same 35Nm of Torque.This is done by raising the compression ratio from 11.3 to 12.1, which means the engine will now run hotter.Transmission and Gear ratios remain same, but the performance is completely refreshing and butter smooth.The power to weight ratio has gone up from 192PS/Ton to 217PS/Ton and the motorcycle now gives you the vibe of riding a premium finished motorcycle. The bike can now do 0-60kmph in 2.7secs as compared to 3.11secs and manages to cross the 0-100kmph mark os 7.1secs as compared to 8.23secs of the previous model.  

Bajaj has finally upgraded the Dominar with 43mm USD forks and Radial brake callipers.The USD forks add to the macho look which are arranged so that inner tube lie down and hold the axle.Thus the design itself has low unsprung mass improves wheel guidance in high speed, provides the required stiffness, and gives good feedback to rider

The Dominar UG has been upgraded with a double barrel exhaust now. The bend pipe is a single barrel, with dual exhaust port to deliver a macho throaty exhaust note.

The new Dominar UG now comes with same spec suspension, but with a softer spring load tension rating, to accommodate nasty bumps and potholes, which actually delivers a plush and comfortable riding experience than ever before.  

Since the Dominar was launched, many of us from the fraternity and then customers too had complained of missing rider aiding info. Bajaj Auto has upgraded both the display units on the Dominar now. The primary display console now houses a dot matrix console window, which provides additional information of average fuel consumption for Trip A Trip B, Instantaneous Fuel economy, distance to service reminders along with a fuel meter and the digital Rpm and speedometer. The secondary console now is a digital display unit, which displays the Gear Position, Time, Odometer and 2 trip meters. The gear indicator positioning is a bit tricky, and one needs to look out from field of vision to actually see the gear indicator

Design & exterior changes  

The overall designing of the motorcycle somewhat remains the same, with same body panels with a new refreshing colours. The pillion seat now comes with ‘D’ logo hot stamped. The mirrors are now redesigned to compliment the sharp techno appeal of the front, which come with cast aluminium stalks to provide better visibility. The Tank Pad was another matter of complaint on the older Dominars, which has now been updated with a premium new designed tank pad. The leg guard design has been updated now, which amalgamates in the overall styling now. Bajaj has also updated the side stand with a forged steel one with support section, making it stronger than ever. Bajaj has also tried to make the bike more tourer friendly by addition of these so called Bungee straps under the rear seat to mount luggage.


The Dominar was a VFM product since its birth, but the vibes, missing rider aid and changing marketing campaigns did not allow it to reach its potential while the new Upgraded Dominar now makes a better than before preposition on the spec sheet as well as in real life. The Dominar now comes with a 5 year or 75,000kms warranty on engine, which no other competitor provides.  Bajaj will announce the pricing in a couple of weeks from now, but we expect it to sit below 1.85 lakhs ex-factory. Bajaj has delivered a master stroke with the New Dominar, checking all the right boxes customers demanded from the older version.

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