Fri, 19 Jul, 2019

Sudin opens up on ill-health, vexed STP project at Bandora

12th February 2019, 03:16 Hrs

the goan I network


In a rare disclosure on his ill-health, PWD Minister and Marcaim MLA Sudin Dhavalikar said he had fought against cirrhosis and his life had been saved because of blessings from the almighty and people.   

He also appealed to people opposing the Sewerage Treatment Plant at Undir-Bandora not to listen those instigating them.   

While politicians have been reluctant to divulge their diseases, Dhavalikar was open about his battle with cirrhosis while speaking along the sidelines of a program in Ramnathi-Bandora.   

“This happens to those who drink liquor, consume cigarettes, tobacco and meat eaters. I didn’t even have jaundice, which is another reason for this disease and yet, I had this disease. I managed to overcome this disease and could save my life from cirrhosis only because blessings from the almighty and the people,” said Dhavalikar, who follows a strict vegetarian diet.   

Turning his attention to those opposing the Sewerage Treatment Plant at Undir-Bandora, Dhavalikar said: “They can even approach the supreme court. If the court delivers an order in favour of them (those opposing the STP), we will not go ahead with the STP at Undir.”   

“Neither do I want to create law and order situation nor do I want to give you problems or pain. My family is for the people and is fully dedicated towards society,” Dhavalikar said.   

He hastened to add that he was not angry with those opposing the STP at Undir.   

“I appeal to people of Undir to have a discussion on this issue and the benefits of this project. I intend to bring a multi-purpose hall,