Fri, 19 Jul, 2019

Ucassaim locals give green signal for FIR against former panchas, ex-secretary

11th February 2019, 04:28 Hrs

Ucassaim-Paliem-Punola locals decided to file an FIR against three former panch members, two of whom were sarpanchas and one deputy, and the ex-secretary of the panchayat for issuing token numbers to illegal houses in the village.
The villagers in the gram sabha unanimously resolved to file a complaint and lodge an FIR against former panch members, Gauravi Madgavkar, Shubanand Mandrekar and Kanti Kanolkar and ex-panchayat secretary, Clifton Azavedo for indulging in illegalities.
A local, Rupesh Naik who proposed the resolution informed the gram sabha that the three former panch members joined hands with the former panchayat secretary to issue token numbers to illegal houses despite several letters made to the panchayat not to do so.
“The houses were being built in a no development zone, which is a hill at Taliwada in ward no 2. We had made several representations to the then panchayat about the illegal constructions and also requested it not to issue token numbers to those houses. But despite our request the former panch members and the ex-secretary did not listen to us,” Naik said.
Bowing to the wishes of the villagers, Sarpanch George D’Souza agreed to file a complaint against the four before the police.
It may be recalled the government last year had written to panchayats across the State to issue token house numbers to illegal dwellings so that the panchayats could recover revenue from such houses.
The government, however, had made it clear that the token numbers were issued only for purpose of collecting taxes and it did not mean the houses would be regularized.
The gram sabha also decided to carry out a detailed study on number of tenants residing in the village.
It was agreed that every panch member will make a list of tenants staying in their particular wards and ensure that tenant verification process was done.
It was also decided to take several small development works like repairing of roads and gutters with panchayat funds.
All the seven panch members were present for the gram sabha. Panchayat Secretary Smitha Parab was also present.