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Going back in time with coffee art

10th February 2019, 03:30 Hrs


In photography, sepia is the option familiar with familiarity with the bygone era. Much the same is an appearance which coffee art replicates.  

To put this fascinating art form in perspective, the art of coffee painting traces its origin to the Thai regions. History further states that it was the Chinese who were used to creating brown background in paintings using tea. Cut to the present, coffee painting has established itself over the other concoction.  

Mumbai-based painter, Trishna Patnaik will be having her Coffee Essence Workshop from 3-6 pm today at Carpe Diem, Majorda. In the course of the three hour session, the participants will be shown how coffee can have a purpose other than act as a beverage. 

The participants will learn how coffee can act as a medium to form whatsoever one wish from abstracts, graphics, and landscapes to even statuettes. Admirable opus works can be made with coffee and water on cartridge sheets.  

An art enthusiast will be absorbed by the fact that this art form ensures how a simple coffee brew can stem into different tones, get various patterns in order in the summation of a wondrous masterpiece.  

Patnaik reveals that though as a professional painter she displays acrylic, charcoal and water colours in themes of abstract, graphic and faces, with coffee art she solely conducts workshops with the only intention of promoting this unique and fascinating art form.  

Her introduction to coffee art was a gradual process as she experimented with different mediums of art. “I was with other people when the coffee art form was being taught. I decided to further this art form by adding my own elements and style to it with the objective to help others explore this novel conceptualized art form.”  

In her workshop in Goa, Patnaik will introduce the participants to coffee art with an understanding on the medium’s scope and limitations. She will thereon guide them to work on a landscape which will be a common composition for the entire group.  

The uniqueness of the art is that it produces the ‘old-look’ effect to one’s painting, only with the use of 100 % coffee, water and a brush. Most interestingly, the shine arising from this art form is everlasting which no other medium can compare itself to.  

However, intricate, neat and fascinating coffee art may appear, to get the desired end result comes with a twist. 

It is a pre-requisite that the artist brings to the fore sharp foresight and meticulousness to lend the right hue of brown from various possibilities by adding the precise amount of water with pure coffee to realize a dream work of coffee art.  

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