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Tannem Mhaka Obhixek Kela: Be the difference

Tannem Mhaka Obhixek Kela, a spiritual presentation in tiatr format throws a glowing light on all these problems and questions and offers solutions too in the light of the teachings of the Church

10th February 2019, 03:21 Hrs

Tiatr Mogi

The Archbishop of Goa in his pastoral letter 2018-19 has dedicated the pastoral year for the eradication of poverty in all forms and the tiatr, true to its name works in that direction. Can a difference be made in somebodys’s life. Can we be selfless in our attempts to reach out to another? Tannem Mhaka Obhixek Kela, throws a glowing light on all these problems and questions and offers solutions too in the light of the teachings of the church.


This is the first script of Valency D’Souza but in no way it appears so. Thorough professionalism, has been the hallmark of the script that is probably well edited and guided by the seasoned tiatrists who are part of the troupe. The sequences are powerful and the plot moves briskly and quickly. The developments in the plot are interesting, dramatic and logical while the fallout and implications get catchy and raunchy. 

Amidst negativity in the developments, positivity is the keynote that catches on and the writer needs to be complimented for the perfect blend. The insertion of Biblical passages and the message it conveys in the ongoing plot serves as the icing on the cake, reminiscing the old, the tiatrs of the great J P Souzalin. If this script is an indication, Valency surely has a long innings to play in the tiatr arena. The first ball faced is definitely hit for a towering six.


The tiatr has comedy that is well related and integral to the plot. The house of the comedian is part of the sets. The comedy is modest decent simple and totally clean. Being a spiritual presentation the focus is on the plot of the tiatr. But the comedy eventhough in a smaller dose is just appropriate. 

Meena Goes as the paying guest is the real darling of the comedy scenes. Decently dressed, and well expressive she displays a great comedy timing. The comedy scenes are well supported by the veteran Diana and Jacinto Gracias. But the one who steals the show with his superb acting and comedy timing is the new young boy on the tiatr horizon. Salutes to him. He has a great future lying ahead.  


The tiatr has good sets specially designed for the presentation. The house of the drunkard and the paying guest house with the house of the cathechist on the side shows a great contrast. However since the cathechist is the catalyst in the tiatr who brings in the change, his house should have occupied the centre stage and the other two on the either side. Placing of a platform with a cross gave the sets a rustic village appearance and the presentation of the Biblical scenes on the platform made it look dignified.


The director has allotted the roles to the deserving and has managed to get the best out from his actors who have combined well. Prince Jacob after brilliant performances on-screen, is superb in his characterization of a priest. Dressed in Roman Collars,Bible in hand, delivering dialogues with a smile and a convincingly modulated tone he manages to touch not only the characters in the tiatr but the audience too. Michael Gracias in the role of the cathechist is very natural and expressive. Josevon as the pimp is outstanding. His dressing too is very effective. 

Fr Eusico as Jesus is loving and endearing to the audience. The Biblical team enacted the same to create the required ambience. Jacinto as the drunkard is very convincing. Lourdes impresses in her cameo role of an NGO. But the one who carries the entire tiatr on her shoulders is definitely the writer Valency D’Souza. Her mannerisms, dialogue delivery, dressing sense, emoting expressions surely makes her today, the best lead actress on tiatr stage.


The young ‘Mestri’ Seby Moraes, has written and arranged the music well. His trumpet solos are great to hear. All songs have a spiritual content. The Opening chorus sung in voices by the Dubai returned Lourdes Valency and Michael gives a good start to the tiatr. Solos by Lourdes, Jose, Valency and Michael are thought provoking. A duo on Mother Mary by Josevon and Lusiano, a duet by Meena Goes and Francis de Raia, a duo by Fr Eusico and Michael and a duet by Fr Eusico and Lourdes make good listening. But the song that deserves an encore is the comedy duo by Lusiano and Francis on complaints made, the song is well composed and sung with gusto. Rohan Petwick the upcoming Keyboardist manages to give a decent background score for the tiatr.


Entrusting the reigns of direction to an acclaimed director was a master stroke from the young writer and Michael Gracias has brought out the best from his artistes. The director has paid good attention to the light effects too and Inacio is great given that the show watched was in a village ‘matthov’.  

This tiatr displays a good teamwork. In the presentation all aspects of theatre, be it the make-up, costumes, sets, lights, music or acting, have been handled with care and a good thought has gone through and thorough justice is given.  

The Diocesan Cathecathical Centre needs to be complimented for this splendid performance. Hope to see more of you in future.  

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